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    No.1, University Road, Tainan City 701, Taiwan 701

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1.Image retrieves by way of cone-beam.
2.Three image resolution options, including 9, 18 and 35 μm
3.X ray energy option ranges between 20~100kV, 10W.
4.Maximum volume of testing sample(in vivo): Diameter as 60mm and length as 190mm for field of view, with conditions of 15μm as its image resolution
5.Filter options as Ti 0.025mm, Al 0.5mm and Al 1mm.
6.Isoflurane-equipped, with functions of real-time physiological monitoring, including heart rate, respiratory and body temperature.
7.Optical camera that can by real-time monitors status of living creatures or testing objects inside the machine.


Acquisition date10-02-23
Decommission date17-02-23
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