Pulse Laser Deposition System

Facility/equipment: EquipmentInstrument Development Center

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    No.1, University Road, Tainan City 701, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 701


Equipments Details


● Growth Chamber: 1. Arrival pressure: at least up to 2.7×10-7Pa (2×10-9Torr) 2. Chamber size: Spherical chamber with diameter >250mm. 3.Pumping system: Main-pumping (Ceramic bearing type Turbo Molecular Pump): >300 L/s, Sub-pumping (Rotary Pump): >250 L/m 4. Gauges: ion gauge x 1, convectron gauge x 2 5. Basical ports: with pump mount ports, RHEED mount and image ports, gauge ports, substrate and target transfer ports, monitor ports, combinational mask positioning view ports. 6. Laser beam introduction port: with transmittance > 90% for KrF or ArF. 7. Laser beam introduction port. ● Substrate and heating system: 1. Laser diode heating system: Substrate temperature can be retained at least 1000 degree C for a 10mm x 10mm size. 2. Laser beam outpower: 120W 3. Laser beam emission length: 807 nm 4. Temperature holding at 1000 degree C over 1 hour. 5. Temperature stability: <±1 degree C. 6. Cooling system. 7. With pyrometer. ● Target manipulator unit: 1. At least 6 targets. 2. Size: 20mm 3. With rotation and revolution system. ● Combinatorial mask unit: 1. Automatic and synchronous controlled masks in x-y dimensions. 2. Mask patterns are designable. 3. Masks are changeable. 4. Masks can be worked at 1000 degree C. ● Scanning reflection high-energy electron diffraction unit: 1. Acceleration voltage: 30kV 2. With standard bearing type turbo molecular pump 3. Corresponding power supply 4. CCD camera unit and image processing system with computer. 5. Operation up to 10-6 Torr. ● Load-Lock chamber: 1. Ultimate pressure: 6.7x10-5 Pa (5x10-7 Torr) 2. Pumping system: Main-pumping (Turbo Molecular Pump): >80 L/s, Sub-pumping (Rotary pump): >160 L/m 3. Gauges: ion gauge x 1, convectron gauge x 1 4. With x-y sample transport for additional chambers in future. 5. With venting line. ● Substrate and target transfer: Transferring substrates and targets without venting main chamber. ● Laser system: 1. pulse energy: 400 mJ 2. wavelength: 248nm 3. average power: 7W 4. max rep. rate: 20Hz 5. with cooling system ● Control and measurement system: 1. Programmable logic controller: A. Combinatorial thin film preparation by GUI.Completely synchronously control of above items for Combinatorial thin film preparation. B. Read, correct save and execute the recipe in the sequencer and the files managed by computer. C. Computer can monitor RHEED patterns observed by CCD camera, and the pattern (graphics data) and RHEED oscillation (binary/text file) can be saved. LabView based control software in windows PC: ● Interlock system: 1. Vacuum pumping system: Protection against the miss operation of push button on control racks. 2. Substrate heating mechanism: Substrate heating automatic shutoff function by detection of the shortage of circulating cooling water flow rate. 3. Blackout: Vacuum hold function by pumping system cutoff. Automatic recovery/reset is not done when power transmission is restarted. 4. Emergency stop: Master stop function of system with emergency shut down button (EMO) on the control rack.