Facility/equipment: EquipmentCenter for Micro/Nano Science and Technology

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      No.1, University Road, Tainan City 701, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 701


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    This microscope is equipped with a thermonic LaB6 filament, thus it provides a higher total electron current, suitable for normal imaging. In addition, imaging orientation remains the same when switching between imaging mode and diffraction mode. From bright-field and dark-field imaging, one can obtain information on material structure and defect analysis, such as phase and grain morphology and distribution, film thickness in multilayered thin films, defect type, defect location and quantitative characterization of defects. Through diffraction patterns, one can identify phase for materials, such as single crystal, poly-crystal and amorphous. If resolution is permitted, atomic imaging of high resolution can be also achieved. On the other hand, convergent –beam electron beam diffraction pattern (CBED) can help analyze material crystallgrophy data including accurate lattice constant determination and thus local strain. By focusing probe size down to nm range, one can certainly characterize the microstructure of various nano-materials.


    NameTEM, JEOL JEM-2010
    Acquisition date10-07-20


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