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Organisation profile

●Duties: The Clinical Medicine Research Center (CMRC) of National Cheng Kung University Hospital (NCKUH) was established in 1998. The aims of CMRC are to manage the core laboratories, increasing intra-hospital research projects and publication business of hospital staff, to promote clinical and translational researches in NCKUH. ●Facilities: There are fourteen core laboratories in CMRC: Biostatistics Consulting Center, Proteomics Core Lab, Immuno-biology Core Lab, RNAi Core Lab, Optic-Image Core Lab, Human Biobank Core Lab, Drug Development Core Lab, Molecular Medicine Core Lab, Microbe bank Core Lab, Laboratory Animal Center, Medical Device R & D Core Lab, Diagnostic Microbiology and Antimicrobial Resistance Core Lab, Health Data Science Center, Human Tissue Bank. These core-facilities are supervised by faculty members of the NCKU Medical College. Full-time staff is available to assist researchers and provide effective research consultation and high-quality laboratory services. ● Young Staff Cultivation Program: We select outstanding young researchers every year and support their research abroad in order to cultivate the research ability and the cooperation with research laboratories worldwide. We also encourage collaboration between young clinical researchers and in-campus basic science researchers, to achieve the goal of performing disease-oriented medical research and assist researchers to apply national projects. ●Future Goal: In pursuit of Innovation and Excellence of NCKUH, CMRC will continue to encourage interdisciplinary cooperation projects between clinical and basic researchers and further deepen the clinical research projects through culturing excellent young research personnel and expanding state-of-the-art research.