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MST3 is involved in ENaC-mediated hypertension

Lu, T. J., Kan, W. C., Yang, S. S., Jiang, S. T., Wu, S. N., Ling, P., Bao, B. Y., Lin, C. Y., Yang, Z. Y., Weng, Y. P., Chan, C. H. & Lu, T. L., 2019 Jan 1, In : American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology. 317, 7, p. F30-F42

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Epithelial Sodium Channels

Multimodal exercise ameliorates exercise responses and body composition in head and neck cancer patients receiving chemotherapy

Yen, C. J., Hung, C. H., Kao, C. L., Tsai, W. M., Chan, S. H., Cheng, H. C., Jheng, W. T., Lu, Y. J. & Tsai, K. L., 2019 Dec 1, In : Supportive Care in Cancer. 27, 12, p. 4687-4695 9 p.

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Head and Neck Neoplasms
Body Composition
Drug Therapy
Heart Rate

Music, heart rate variability, and symptom clusters: a comparative study

Chen, S. C., Yeh, M. L., Chang, H. J. & Lin, M-F., 2019 Jan 1, In : Supportive Care in Cancer.

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Heart Rate
Breast Neoplasms
Control Groups
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Myostatin Is Associated With Cognitive Decline in an Animal Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

Lin, Y. S., Lin, F. Y. & Hsiao, Y-H., 2019 Mar 1, In : Molecular Neurobiology. 56, 3, p. 1984-1991 8 p.

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Muscular Atrophy
Amyloid beta-Protein Precursor
Alzheimer Disease
Animal Models

Nanoparticles in the treatment of infections caused by multidrug-resistant organisms

Lee, N. Y., Ko, W. C. & Hsueh, P. R., 2019 Jan 1, In : Frontiers in Pharmacology. 10, 1153.

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Staphylococcal Pneumonia
Anti-Bacterial Agents
Acinetobacter baumannii
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Nasogastric tube dislodgment detection in rehabilitation patients based on fog computing with warning sensors and fuzzy petri net

Li, C. M., Ho, Y-R., Chen, W. L., Lin, C. H., Chen, M. Y. & Chen, Y. Z., 2019 Jan 1, In : Sensors and Materials. 31, 1, p. 117-130 14 p.

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Petri nets
Patient rehabilitation
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National bundle care program implementation to reduce ventilator-associated pneumonia in intensive care units in Taiwan

for the Infection Control Society of Taiwan, 2019 Aug 1, In : Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection. 52, 4, p. 592-597 6 p.

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Patient Care Bundles
Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
Intensive Care Units
Mechanical Ventilators

Nationwide surveillance of antimicrobial resistance among clinically important Gram-negative bacteria, with an emphasis on carbapenems and colistin: Results from the Surveillance of Multicenter Antimicrobial Resistance in Taiwan (SMART) in 2018

Lee, Y. L., Lu, M. C., Shao, P. L., Lu, P. L., Chen, Y. H., Cheng, S. H., Ko, W-C., Lin, C. Y., Wu, T. S., Yen, M. Y., Wang, L. S., Liu, C. P., Lee, W. S., Shi, Z. Y., Chen, Y. S., Wang, F. D., Tseng, S. H., Lin, C. N., Chen, Y. H., Sheng, W. H. & 3 others, Lee, C. M., Liao, M. H. & Hsueh, P. R., 2019 Sep 1, In : International journal of antimicrobial agents. 54, 3, p. 318-328 11 p.

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Klebsiella pneumoniae
Gram-Negative Bacteria
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Quality of Life

Negative Interpretation Biases Precede the Onset of Psychosis

Yiend, J., Allen, P., Lopez, N. D., Falkenberg, I., Tseng, H-H. & McGuire, P., 2019 Jul 1, In : Behavior Therapy. 50, 4, p. 718-731 14 p.

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Psychotic Disorders
Resource Allocation
Young Adult
Evoked Potentials

New Insights into Mechanisms of Cisplatin Resistance: From Tumor Cell to Microenvironment

Chen, S. H. & Chang, J-Y., 2019 Aug 24, In : International journal of molecular sciences. 20, 17

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Cellular Microenvironment
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New Insights into the Electron-Collection Efficiency Improvement of CdS-Sensitized TiO 2 Nanorod Photoelectrodes by Interfacial Seed-Layer Mediation

Chen, Y. L., Chen, Y-H., Chen, J. W., Cao, F., Li, L., Luo, Z. M., Leu, I. C. & Pu, Y. C., 2019 Feb 27, In : ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. 11, 8, p. 8126-8137 12 p.

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Semiconductor quantum dots
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New Templated Ostwald Ripening Process of Mesostructured FeOOH for Third-Harmonic Generation Bioimaging

Lee, C. W., Wu, P. C., Hsu, I. L., Liu, T. M., Chong, W. H., Wu, C. H., Hsieh, T. Y., Guo, L. Z., Tsao, Y., Wu, P. T., Yu, J., Tsai, P-J., Huang, H-S., Chuang, Y. C. & Huang, C-C., 2019 May 17, In : Small. 15, 20, 1805086.

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Ostwald ripening
Harmonic generation
Iron oxides

Nonmedical prescription drug use of analgesics and sedatives/hypnotics in Taiwan: Results from the 2014 National Survey of Substance Use

Chen, L. Y., Chen, Y. L., Tsay, W. I., Wu, S. C., Chen, Y. T., Hsiao, P. C., Yu, Y. H., Ting, T. T., Chen, C. Y., Tu, Y. K., Huang, J. H., Yang, H. J., Li, C-Y., Strong, C., Yen, C. F., Yen, C. F., Hsu, J. & Chen, W. J., 2019 Sep 1, In : Preventive Medicine Reports. 15, 100900.

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Prescription Drugs
Hypnotics and Sedatives
Pharmaceutical Preparations
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Non-nutritive artificial sweeteners as an emerging contaminant in environment: A global review and risks perspectives

Praveena, S. M., Cheema, M. S. & Guo, H-R., 2019 Apr 15, In : Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. 170, p. 699-707 9 p.

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Non-Nutritive Sweeteners
Surface waters
Sugar substitutes

Nuclear KIT induces a NFKBIB-RELA-KIT autoregulatory loop in imatinib-resistant gastrointestinal stromal tumors

Hsueh, Y. S., Chang, H. H., Shan, Y. S., Sun, H. S., Fletcher, J. A., Li, C. F. & Chen, L. T., 2019 Sep 19, In : Oncogene. 38, 38, p. 6550-6565 16 p.

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Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors
Stromal Cells
Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
Valproic Acid

Observation and Imitation of Social Emotions Are Essential for Improving Cognitive and Affective Theory of Mind in Schizophrenia: A Meta-Analysis

Yeh, P. Y., Yu, L., Guo, N-W., Lin, W. C. & Wu, C. K., 2019 Jun 1, In : Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. 207, 6, p. 474-481 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Theory of Mind

Obstructive sleep apnea in children and adolescents and the risk of major adverse cardiovascular events: A nationwide cohort study in Taiwan

Tzeng, N. S., Chung, C. H., Chang, H. A., Chang, C. C., Lu, R-B., Yeh, H. W., Chiang, W. S., Kao, Y. C., Chang, S. Y. & Chien, W. C., 2019 Jan 1, In : Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. 15, 2, p. 275-283 9 p.

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Cohort Studies
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
Peripheral Arterial Disease

Occupational therapy to improve quality of life for colorectal cancer survivors: a randomized clinical trial

Yang, S. Y., Wang, J. D. & Chang, J-H., 2019 Jan 1, In : Supportive Care in Cancer.

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Occupational Therapy
Colorectal Neoplasms
Randomized Controlled Trials
Quality of Life

Oct4 upregulates osteopontin via Egr1 and is associated with poor outcome in human lung cancer

Feng, Y. H., Su, Y. C., Lin, S. F., Lin, P. R., Wu, C-L., Tung, C. L., Li, C. F., Shieh, G. S. & Shiau, A-L., 2019 Aug 9, In : BMC cancer. 19, 1, 791.

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Lung Neoplasms

Ocular characteristics in a variant microcephalic primordial dwarfism type II

Chen, W. J., Huang, F-C. & Shih, M-H., 2019 Sep 11, In : BMC Pediatrics. 19, 1, 329.

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Ocular Fixation
Eye Manifestations
Moyamoya Disease
Social Adjustment

Opioid agonist treatment reduces losses in quality of life and quality-adjusted life expectancy in heroin users: Evidence from real world data

Chang, K. C., Lee, K. Y., Lu, T-H., Hwang, J. S., Lin, C. N., Ting, S. Y., Chang, C. C. & Wang, J-D., 2019 Aug 1, In : Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 201, p. 197-204 8 p.

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Open Access
Life Expectancy
Opioid Analgesics
Quality of Life
Quality-Adjusted Life Years
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Optimization of an enzyme linked DNA aptamer assay for cardiac troponin i detection: Synchronous multiple sample analysis on an integrated microfluidic platform

Gopinathan, P., Sinha, A., Chung, Y. D., Shiesh, S-C. & Lee, G. B., 2019 Aug 21, In : Analyst. 144, 16, p. 4943-4951 9 p.

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Nucleotide Aptamers
Troponin I

Oral hygiene and the overall survival of head and neck cancer patients

Chang, C-C., Lee, W-T., Hsiao, J-R., Ou, C-Y., Huang, C-C., Tsai, S-T., Chen, K-C., Huang, J-S., Wang, D-Y., Lai, Y-H., Wu, Y-H., Hsueh, W-T., Wu, S-Y., Yen, C-J., Chang, J-Y., Lin, C. L., Weng, Y. L., Yang, H. C., Chen, Y. S. & Chang, J. S., 2019 Apr 1, In : Cancer medicine. 8, 4, p. 1854-1864 11 p.

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Oral Hygiene
Head and Neck Neoplasms
Confidence Intervals

Orbitofrontal dysfunction during the reward process in adults with ADHD: An fMRI study

Yang, D. Y., Chi, M-H., Chu, C. L., Lin, C-Y., Hsu, S-E., Chen, K-C., Lee, I-H., Chen, P-S. & Yang, Y-K., 2019 May 1, In : Clinical Neurophysiology. 130, 5, p. 627-633 7 p.

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Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Prefrontal Cortex

Outcome and prognosis of anaplastic large cell lymphoma in children: a report from the Taiwan Pediatric Oncology Group

Chen, S. H., Chen, J. S., Jou, S. T., Wu, K. H., Hung, I. J., Sheen, J. M., Lu, M. Y., Chen, B. W., Jaing, T. H., Wang, S. C., Lin, M. T., Chang, T. K., Liu, H. C. & Yang, C. P., 2019 Jul 3, In : Leukemia and Lymphoma. 60, 8, p. 1942-1949 8 p.

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Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma
Disease-Free Survival
Multivariate Analysis
Child Development
Occupational Therapy
occupational therapy

Pancreatic stellate cells activated by mutant KRAS-mediated PAI-1 upregulation foster pancreatic cancer progression via IL-8

Wang, H. C., Lin, Y. L., Hsu, C. C., Chao, Y. J., Hou, Y. C., Chiu, T. J., Huang, P. H., Tang, M. J., Chen, L. T. & Shan, Y. S., 2019 Jan 1, In : Theranostics. 9, 24, p. 7168-7183 16 p.

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Open Access
Pancreatic Stellate Cells
Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor 1
Pancreatic Neoplasms

Parallel versus orthogonal plate osteosynthesis of adult distal humerus fractures: a meta-analysis of biomechanical studies

Shih, C. A., Su, W-R., Lin, W. C. & Tai, T-W., 2019 Feb 14, In : International Orthopaedics. 43, 2, p. 449-460 12 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Fracture Fixation
Outcome Assessment (Health Care)

Parapharyngeal Ganglioneuroma Detected by 18 F-FDG PET/CT in a Patient with Hodgkin Lymphoma

Yi, W. L., Chen, T. P., Chiu, N-T., Liu, C-H. & Lin, Y. H., 2019 Mar 1, In : Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 44, 3, p. 240-243 4 p.

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Hodgkin Disease
Drug Therapy
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Cyclooxygenase 2
Cyclooxygenase 2 Inhibitors

Patients older than 55 years prefer biceps tenodesis over tenotomy to the same degree as young patients

Hong, C. K., Chang, C. H., Hsu, K-L., Kuan, F-C., Wang, P. H. & Su, W-R., 2019 Jan 1, In : Journal of Orthopaedic Science.

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Patient Preference

Patients with head and neck cancer may need more intensive pain management to maintain daily functioning: a multi-center study

Cho, S. F., Rau, K. M., Shao, Y. Y., Yen, C-J., Wu, M. F., Chen, J. S., Chang, C. S., Yeh, S. P., Chiou, T. J., Hsieh, R. K., Lee, M. Y., Sung, Y. C., Lee, K. D., Lai, P. Y., Yu, M. S., Hwang, W. L. & Liu, T. C., 2019 May 1, In : Supportive Care in Cancer. 27, 5, p. 1663-1672 10 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Pain Management
Head and Neck Neoplasms

Pelvic floor outcomes in patients who have undergone general rehabilitation following surgery for colorectal cancer: A pilot study

Lin, K-Y., Denehy, L., Granger, C. L. & Frawley, H. C., 2019 Mar 4, In : Physiotherapy Theory and Practice. 35, 3, p. 206-218 13 p.

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Pelvic Floor
Colorectal Neoplasms
Control Groups
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Pembrolizumab in Combination With Erlotinib or Gefitinib as First-Line Therapy for Advanced NSCLC With Sensitizing EGFR Mutation

Yang, J. C. H., Gadgeel, S. M., Sequist, L. V. D., Wu, C. L., Papadimitrakopoulou, V. A., Su, W-C., Fiore, J., Saraf, S., Raftopoulos, H. & Patnaik, A., 2019 Mar 1, In : Journal of Thoracic Oncology. 14, 3, p. 553-559 7 p.

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Pembrolizumab versus chemotherapy for previously untreated, PD-L1-expressing, locally advanced or metastatic non-small-cell lung cancer (KEYNOTE-042): a randomised, open-label, controlled, phase 3 trial

Mok, T. S. K., Wu, Y. L., Kudaba, I., Kowalski, D. M., Cho, B. C., Turna, H. Z., Castro, G., Srimuninnimit, V., Laktionov, K. K., Bondarenko, I., Kubota, K., Lubiniecki, G. M., Zhang, J., Kush, D., Lopes, G., Gomez Aubin, G., Fein, L., Kaen, D., Kowalyszyn, R., Lerzo, G. & 236 others, Martinengo, G., Molina, M., Richardet, E., Picon, P., Varela, M., Zarba, J. J., de Azevedo, S. J., Barrios, C. H., Beato, C., Cerny, C. A. S., De Marchi, P. R. M., Fernandes, G., Franke, F. A., Freitas, H., Girotto, G., Lopes, V., Santos, L., Costa, M. A., Shimada, A. K., Smaletz, O., Soares, J. P. H., Victorino, A. P., Ferreira, C., Koleva, M., Koynov, K., Micheva, R., Deliverski, T., Milanova, Z., Doganov, B., Cheng, S., De Angelis, F., Speranza, G., Juergens, R. A., Ksienski, D., Fenton, D., Aren, O., Caglevic, C., Galindo, H., Rey, F., Chang, J., Chen, G., Chen, X., Ouyang, X., Cheng, Y., Ding, Z., Hou, M., Fan, Y., Feng, J., He, J., He, Y., Hu, Y., Li, W., Liu, X., Liu, Z., Lu, S., Qin, S., Tang, Q., Wang, B., Wang, K., Zhang, L., Zhang, X., Zhao, J., Wang, J., Zhou, C., Zhou, J., Zhou, Q., Wu, Y., Cardona, A., Duarte, R., Gomez Wolff, L., Zambrano, A., Vallejo, M., Havel, L., Kolek, V., Kolman, P., Koubkova, L., Petruzelka, L., Popelkova, P., Roubec, J., Vanasek, J., Vlasek, T., Jaal, J., Kuusk, G., Avendano, O., Castro, H., Lopez, K., Sandoval, M., Ho, C. M. J., Lo, S. H., Laczo, I., Piko, B., Ostoros, G., Aoe, K., Fujisaka, Y., Hirashima, T., Horiike, A., Hosomi, Y., Hotta, K., Ichiki, M., Imamura, F., Iwamoto, Y., Kasahara, K., Katakami, N., Kato, T., Murakami, S., Kawaguchi, T., Kishi, K., Kubota, K., Kurata, T., Torii, Y., Nakahara, Y., Nishimura, T., Ohira, T., Saka, H., Sawa, T., Seki, N., Sugawara, S., Takahashi, K., Takigawa, N., Tanaka, H., Yamada, K., Yokoyama, T., Yokoyama, T., Yoshioka, H., Kudaba, I., Purkalne, G., Stara, Z., Cesas, A., Cicenas, S., Zemaitis, M., How, S. H., Liam, C. K., Ong, C. K., Tho, L. M., Arrieta Rodriguez, O., de The Bustamante Valles, F., Hernandez Hernandez, C., Mas, L., Vera, L., Salas, J., Tejada, H., Edusma-Dy, R., Galvez, C., Ladrera, G. E. I., Tan Chun Bing, J., Jassem, J., Kalinka-Warzocha, E., Karaszewska, B., Kazarnowicz, A., Kowalski, D., Lesniewski Kmak, K., Ramlau, R., Araujo, A., Barata, F., Gil, N., Hespanhol, V., Alexandru, A., Dediu, M., Cherciu, N., Ciurescu, D., Ganea, D., Miron, L., Sirbu, D., Turdean, M., Emelyanov, S., Karaseva, N., Kuzina, L., Lazarev, S., Lifirenko, I., Bolotina, L., Lipatov, O., Ovchinnikova, E., Matrosova, M., Alyasova, A., Poltoratsky, A., Taranov, P., Zarubenkov, O., Cohen, G., Dreosti, L., Seolwane, F., Hall, J., Hart, G., Jordaan, C., Buddu, S., Botha, M., Landers, G., Rappaport, B., Ruff, P., Shepherd, L., Szpak, W., Ahn, M. J., Cho, B. C., Kim, J. H., Bergstrom, P., Ohman, R., Griph, H., Betticher, D., Ochsenbein, A., Zippelius, A., Chan, G. C., Chiu, C. H., Hsia, T. C., Su, W-C., Yang, C. H., Ativitavas, T., Danchaivijitr, P., Srimuninnimit, V., Seetalarom, K., Sookprasert, A., Sriuranpong, V., Altundag, O., Cay Senler, F., Erman, M., Goksel, T., Goker, E., Ozyilkan, O., Seker, M., Gumus, M., Turna, H., Yumuk, F., Adamchuk, G., Bondarenko, I., Ivashchuk, O., Ponomarova, O., Rusyn, A., Shevnya, S., Shparyk, Y., Sinielnikov, I., Andrusenko, O., Trukhyn, D., Ursol, G., Vynnychenko, I., Nguyen, T. Q., Pham, X. D., Castro, G. & Kubota, K., 2019 May 4, In : The Lancet. 393, 10183, p. 1819-1830 12 p.

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Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
Drug Therapy
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Perineuronal Nets Restrict the Induction of Long-Term Depression in the Mouse Hippocampal CA1 Region

Khoo, G. H., Lin, Y. T., Tsai, T. C. & Hsu, K-S., 2019 Sep 15, In : Molecular Neurobiology. 56, 9, p. 6436-6450 15 p.

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Hippocampal CA1 Region
Neuronal Plasticity

Phase III, randomised, double-blind, multicentre study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of vonoprazan compared with lansoprazole in Asian patients with erosive oesophagitis

Xiao, Y., Zhang, S., Dai, N., Fei, G., Goh, K. L., Chun, H. J., Sheu, B-S., Chong, C. F., Funao, N., Zhou, W. & Chen, M., 2019 Jan 1, (Accepted/In press) In : Gut.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
Double-Blind Method
Multicenter Studies

Phentolamine Reverses Epinephrine-Enhanced Skin Antinociception of Dibucaine in Rats

Chou, A. K., Chiu, C. C., Chen, Y. W., Wang, J. J. & Hung, C-H., 2019 Jun 1, In : Anesthesia and analgesia. 128, 6, p. 1336-1343 8 p.

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Phenytoin-associated necrotising lymphadenitis mimicking Kikuchi disease

Lin, P. Y., Chen, H. W., Medeiros, L. J. & Chang, K-C., 2019 Oct 1, In : Pathology. 51, 6, p. 650-653 4 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

Phthalate exposure alters gut microbiota composition and IgM vaccine response in human newborns

Yang, Y. N., Yang, Y. C. S. H., Lin, I. H., Chen, Y. Y., Lin, H. Y., Wu, C. Y., Su, Y. T., Yang, Y., Yang, S. N. & Suen, J. L., 2019 Oct 1, In : Food and Chemical Toxicology. 132, 110700.

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intestinal microorganisms
Immunoglobulin M

PKR promotes oxidative stress and apoptosis of human articular chondrocytes by causing mitochondrial dysfunction through p38 MAPK activation—PKR activation causes apoptosis in human chondrocytes

Ma, C. H., Wu, C. H., Jou, I. M., Tu, Y. K., Hung, C. H., Chou, W. C., Chang, Y. C., Hsieh, P. L. & Tsai, K. L., 2019 Sep, In : Antioxidants. 8, 9, 370.

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Oxidative stress
p38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases
Protein Kinases
Oxidative Stress

Plasma proteome plus site-specific N-glycoprofiling for hepatobiliary carcinomas

Chang, T-T., Cheng, J. H., Tsai, H-W., Young, K-C., Hsieh, S-Y. & Ho, C. H., 2019 Jul 1, In : Journal of Pathology: Clinical Research. 5, 3, p. 199-212 14 p.

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Complement C3
Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Plate-on-plate technique for treating peri-implant fractures of distal femoral locking plate: a retrospective study of 11 patients

Ma, C. H., Chiu, Y. C., Wu, C. H., Tsai, K-L., Wen, T. K., Jou, I. M. & Tu, Y. K., 2019 Sep 1, In : Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery. 139, 9, p. 1245-1251 7 p.

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Periprosthetic Fractures
Retrospective Studies
Femoral Fractures
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Pollen of Broussonetia papyrifera: An emerging aeroallergen associated with allergic illness in Taiwan

Wu, P. C., Su, H-J., Lung, S. C. C., Chen, M. J. & Lin, W. P., 2019 Mar 20, In : Science of the Total Environment. 657, p. 804-810 7 p.

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confidence interval
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Polysaccharides obtained from mycelia of cordyceps militaris attenuated doxorubicin-induced cytotoxic effects in chemotherapy

Lin, R. K., Choong, C. Y., Hsu, W-H., Tai, C. J. & Tai, C. J., 2019 Jun 1, In : African Health Sciences. 19, 2, p. 2156-2163 8 p.

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Open Access
Drug Therapy
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Post-chemoradiotherapy FDG PET with qualitative interpretation criteria for outcome stratification in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Huang, Y. C., Li, S. H., Lu, H. I., Hsu, C. C., Wang, Y. M., Lin, W. C., Chen, C. J., Ho, K. W. & Chiu, N-T., 2019 Jan 1, In : PloS one. 14, 1, e0210055.

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squamous cell carcinoma
uptake mechanisms
lesions (animal)
Open Access
Autoimmune Thyroiditis
Thyroid Gland
Chi-Square Distribution