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Magnetite Nanoparticles
Magnetite nanoparticles
X ray absorption spectroscopy
atomic absorption spectroscopy

Angle-dependent weiss oscillations in a nanocorrugated two-dimensional electron gas

Chang, C. H. & Ortix, C., 2017 Dec, In : Nano Futures. 1, 3, 035004.

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Two dimensional electron gas
electron gas
Magnetic fields
magnetic fields

Correction: A highly flexible inorganic framework with amphiphilic amine assemblies as templates (Dalton Transactions (2017) DOI: 10.1039/c6dt04165e)

Huang, H. L., Lin, H. Y., Chen, P. S., Lee, J. J., Kung, J. & Wang, S. L., 2017 Jan 1, In : Dalton Transactions. 46, 2, p. 595 1 p.

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Erratum: General Non-Markovian Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems [Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 170402 (2012)

Zhang, W. M., Lo, P. Y., Xiong, H. N., Tu, M. W. Y. & Nori, F., 2017 Feb 3, In : Physical review letters. 118, 5, 1 p.

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Erratum: Author Correction: Generation of convergent light beams by using surface plasmon locked Smith-Purcell radiation (Scientific reports (2017) 7 1 (11096))

Lai, Y. C., Kuang, T. C., Cheng, B. H., Lan, Y. C. & Tsai, D. P., 2017 Dec 4, In : Scientific reports. 7, 1, 1 p.

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Open Access
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Landau Equation
Exponential Stability
Asymptotic stability
Nonlinear equations
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Erratum: Double well potential function and its optimization in the n-dimensional real space: Part I (Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids)

Fang, S. C., Gao, D. Y., Lin, G. X., Sheu, R. L. & Xing, W. X., 2016 Mar 1, In : Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids. 21, 3, p. NP66-NP80

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Erratum: Double well potential function and its optimization in the n-dimensional real space: Part II (Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids)

Xia, Y., Sheu, R. L., Fang, S. C. & Xing, W., 2016 Mar 1, In : Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids. 21, 3, p. NP83-NP103

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Erratum: Physical processes of driven magnetic reconnection in collisionless plasmas: Zero guide field case (Physics of Plasmas (2015) 22 (101205))

Cheng, C-Z., Inoue, S., Ono, Y. & Horiuchi, R., 2015 Oct 1, In : Physics of Plasmas. 22, 10, 109906.

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Erratum: Significantly enhanced giant Rashba splitting in a thin film of binary alloy (New Journal of Physics (2015) 083015)

Chen, W. C., Chang, T. R., Tsai, S. T., Yamamoto, S., Kuo, J. M., Cheng, C. M., Tsuei, K. D., Yaji, K., Lin, H., Jeng, H. T., Mou, C. Y., Matsuda, I. & Tang, S. J., 2015 Sep 17, In : New Journal of Physics. 17, 9, 099502.

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Erratum: "use of external magnetic fields in hohlraum plasmas to improve laser-coupling" (Physics of Plasmas(2015) 22: (010703))

Montgomery, D. S., Albright, B. J., Barnak, D. H., Chang, P-Y., Davies, J. R., Fiksel, G., Froula, D. H., Kline, J. L., MacDonald, M. J., Sefkow, A. B., Yin, L. & Betti, R., 2015 Jul 1, In : Physics of Plasmas. 22, 7, 079901.

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magnetic fields
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Erratum: Inorganic p-type contact materials for perovskite-based solar cells (J. Mater. Chem. A (2015) DOI: 10.1039/c4ta06425a)

Li, M. H., Shen, P. S., Wang, K. C., Guo, T. F., Chen, P., Li, M. H., Shen, P. S., Wang, K. C., Guo, T. F. & Chen, P., 2015 May 7, In : Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 3, 17, p. 9318-9319 2 p.

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Solar cells
Cholesteric liquid crystals
Semiconductor quantum dots

Zhang et al. Reply

Zhang, W. M., Lo, P. Y., Xiong, H. N., Tu, M. W. Y. & Nori, F., 2015 Oct 13, In : Physical review letters. 115, 16, 168902.

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Erratum: Inverse spin Hall effect induced by spin pumping into semiconducting ZnO (Applied Physics Letters (2014) 104 (052401))

Lee, J. C., Huang, L. W., Hung, D. S., Chiang, T. H., Huang, J-C., Liang, J. Z. & Lee, S. F., 2014 May 19, In : Applied Physics Letters. 104, 20, 209903.

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Hall effect

Erratum: Existence of orbital order and its fluctuation in superconducting Ba (Fe1-xCox) 2 As 2 single crystals revealed by X-ray absorption spectroscopy (Physical Review Letters (2013) 111 (217001))

Kim, Y. K., Jung, W. S., Han, G. R., Choi, K. Y., Chen, C. C., Devereaux, T. P., Chainani, A., Miyawaki, J., Takata, Y., Tanaka, Y., Oura, M., Shin, S., Singh, A. P., Lee, H. G., Kim, J. Y. & Kim, C., 2014 Jan 7, In : Physical review letters. 112, 1, 019903.

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Bosak, T., Liang, B., Wu, T. D., Templer, S. P., Evans, A., Vali, H., Guerquin-Kern, J. L., Klepac-Ceraj, V., Friedman, J., Sim, M. S. & Mui, J., 2013 Jan 1, In : Geobiology. 11, 1, 1 p.

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Erratum: Effect of Ge and Al substitutions on exchange bias in Ni-Mn-Sb alloy (Journal of Applied Physics (2013) 113 (17D712))

Lee, M. K., Xu, L. S., Marchenkov, V. V., Wang, R. L., Chen, R. J., Guo, S., Yang, C. P. & Huang, J. C. A., 2013 May 7, In : Journal of Applied Physics. 113, 17, 179901.

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Retracted: “Hydrogeochemical behavior of arsenic-enriched groundwater in the deltaic environment: Comparison between two study sites in West Bengal, India” [Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 99(1-4) (2008) 22–30](S0169772208000636)(10.1016/j.jconhyd.2008.04.004)

Mukherjee-Goswami, A., Nath, B., Jana, J., Sahu, S. J., Sarkar, M. J., Jacks, G., Bhattacharya, P., Mukherjee, A., Polya, D. A., Jean, J. S. & Chatterjee, D., 2013 Mar, In : Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. 146, 1 p.

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Erratum: Right handed or left handed? Forbidden X-ray diffraction reveals chirality (Physical Review Letters (2008) 100 (145502))

Tanaka, Y., Takeuchi, T., Lovesey, S. W., Knight, K. S., Chainani, A. A., Takata, Y., Oura, M., Senba, Y., Ohashi, H. & Shin, S., 2012 Jan 3, In : Physical review letters. 108, 1, 019901.

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Erratum: Effects of Li content on the structural, optical, and electrical properties of LiZnMgO films (Journal of Applied Physics (2010) 107 (113717))

Tsai, C. L., Wang, M. S., Chen, Y. H., Chang, H. C., Liu, C. J., Lee, C. T., Shih, Y. T., Huang, H. J. & Lin, Y. J., 2012 May 15, In : Journal of Applied Physics. 111, 10, 109901.

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electrical properties
optical properties

Erratum: Regio-selective hydroxylation of gem-difluorinated octanes by alkane hydroxylase (AlkB) [Tetrahedron Letters (2011) 52(23) 2950-2953]

Ramu, R., Chang, C. W., Chou, H-H., Wu, L. L., Chiang, C. H. & Yu, S. S. F., 2012 Oct 3, In : Tetrahedron Letters. 53, 40, 1 p.

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Cytochrome P-450 CYP4A
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Erratum: Hydrogeochemical behavior of arsenic-enriched groundwater in the deltaic environment: Comparison between two study sites in West Bengal, India (Journal of Contaminant Hydrology (2008) 99 (22-30))

Mukherjee-Goswami, A., Nath, B., Jana, J., Sahu, S. J., Sarkar, M. J., Jacks, G., Bhattacharya, P., Mukherjee, A., Polya, D. A., Jean, J. S. & Chatterjee, D., 2012 Apr 1, In : Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. 131, 1-4, p. 119-120 2 p.

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Erratum to: "Search for first generation scalar leptoquarks in pp collisions at s=7TeV with the ATLAS detector" [Phys. Lett. B 709 (2012) 158]

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A., Fukunaga, C., Fullana Torregrosa, E., Fulsom, B. G., Fuster, J., Gabaldon, C., Gabizon, O., Gadfort, T., Gadomski, S., Gagliardi, G., Gagnon, P., Galea, C., Gallas, E. J., Gallo, V., Gallop, B. J., Gallus, P., Gan, K. K., Gao, Y. S., Gapienko, V. A., Gaponenko, A., Garberson, F., Garcia-Sciveres, M., García, C., García Navarro, J. E., Gardner, R. W., Garelli, N., Garitaonandia, H., Garonne, V., Garvey, J., Gatti, C., Gaudio, G., Gaumer, O., Gaur, B., Gauthier, L., Gauzzi, P., Gavrilenko, I. L., Gay, C., Gaycken, G., Gayde, J. C., Gazis, E. N., Ge, P., Gecse, Z., Gee, C. N. P., Geerts, D. A. A., Geich-Gimbel, C., Gellerstedt, K., Gemme, C., Gemmell, A., Genest, M. H., Gentile, S., George, M., George, S., Gerlach, P., Gershon, A., Geweniger, C., Ghazlane, H., Ghodbane, N., Giacobbe, B., Giagu, S., Giakoumopoulou, V., Giangiobbe, V., Gianotti, F., Gibbard, B., Gibson, A., Gibson, S. M., Gilbert, L. M., Gilewsky, V., Gillberg, D., Gillman, A. R., Gingrich, D. M., Ginzburg, J., Giokaris, N., Giordani, M. P., Giordano, R., Giorgi, F. M., Giovannini, P., Giraud, P. F., Giugni, D., Giunta, M., Giusti, P., Gjelsten, B. K., Gladilin, L. K., Glasman, C., Glatzer, J., Glazov, A., Glitza, K. W., Glonti, G. L., Goddard, J. R., Godfrey, J., Godlewski, J., Goebel, M., Göpfert, T., Goeringer, C., Gössling, C., Göttfert, T., Goldfarb, S., Golling, T., Golovnia, S. N., Gomes, A., Gomez Fajardo, L. S., Gonçalo, R., Goncalves Pinto Firmino Da Costa, J., Gonella, L., Gonidec, A., Gonzalez, S., González de la Hoz, S., Gonzalez Parra, G., Gonzalez Silva, M. L., Gonzalez-Sevilla, S., Goodson, J. J., Goossens, L., Gorbounov, P. A., Gordon, H. A., Gorelov, I., Gorfine, G., Gorini, B., Gorini, E., Gorišek, A., Gornicki, E., Gorokhov, S. A., Goryachev, V. N., Gosdzik, B., Goshaw, A. T., Gosselink, M., Gostkin, M. I., Gough Eschrich, I., Gouighri, M., Goujdami, D., Goulette, M. P., Goussiou, A. G., Goy, C., Gozpinar, S., Grabowska-Bold, I., Grafström, P., Grahn, K. J., Grancagnolo, F., Grancagnolo, S., Grassi, V., Gratchev, V., Grau, N., Gray, H. M., Gray, J. A., Graziani, E., Grebenyuk, O. G., Greenshaw, T., Greenwood, Z. D., Gregersen, K., Gregor, I. M., Grenier, P., Griffiths, J., Grigalashvili, N., Grillo, A. A., Grinstein, S., Grishkevich, Y. V., Grivaz, J. F., Groh, M., Gross, E., Grosse-Knetter, J., Groth-Jensen, J., Grybel, K., Guarino, V. J., Guest, D., Guicheney, C., Guida, A., Guindon, S., Guler, H., Gunther, J., Guo, B., Guo, J., Gupta, A., Gusakov, Y., Gushchin, V. N., Gutierrez, A., Gutierrez, P., Guttman, N., Gutzwiller, O., Guyot, C., Gwenlan, C., Gwilliam, C. B., Haas, A., Haas, S., Haber, C., Hadavand, H. K., Hadley, D. R., Haefner, P., Hahn, F., Haider, S., Hajduk, Z., Hakobyan, H., Hall, D., Haller, J., Hamacher, K., Hamal, P., Hamer, M., Hamilton, A., Hamilton, S., Han, H., Han, L., Hanagaki, K., Hanawa, K., Hance, M., Handel, C., Hanke, P., Hansen, J. R., Hansen, J. B., Hansen, J. D., Hansen, P. H., Hansson, P., Hara, K., Hare, G. A., Harenberg, T., Harkusha, S., Harper, D., Harrington, R. D., Harris, O. M., Harrison, K., Hartert, J., Hartjes, F., Haruyama, T., Harvey, A., Hasegawa, S., Hasegawa, Y., Hassani, S., Hatch, M., Hauff, D., Haug, S., Hauschild, M., Hauser, R., Havranek, M., Hawes, B. M., Hawkes, C. M., Hawkings, R. J., Hawkins, A. D., Hawkins, D., Hayakawa, T., Hayashi, T., Hayden, D., Hayward, H. S., Haywood, S. J., Hazen, E., He, M., Head, S. J., Hedberg, V., Heelan, L., Heim, S., Heinemann, B., Heisterkamp, S., Helary, L., Heller, C., Heller, M., Hellman, S., Hellmich, D., Helsens, C., Henderson, R. C. W., Henke, M., Henrichs, A., Henriques Correia, A. M., Henrot-Versille, S., Henry-Couannier, F., Hensel, C., Henß, T., Hernandez, C. M., Hernández Jiménez, Y., Herrberg, R., Hershenhorn, A. D., Herten, G., Hertenberger, R., Hervas, L., Hesketh, G. G., Hessey, N. P., Higón-Rodriguez, E., Hill, D., Hill, J. C., Hill, N., Hiller, K. H., Hillert, S., Hillier, S. J., Hinchliffe, I., Hines, E., Hirose, M., Hirsch, F., Hirschbuehl, D., Hobbs, J., Hod, N., Hodgkinson, M. C., Hodgson, P., Hoecker, A., Hoeferkamp, M. R., Hoffman, J., Hoffmann, D., Hohlfeld, M., Holder, M., Holmgren, S. O., Holy, T., Holzbauer, J. L., Homma, Y., Hong, T. M., Hooft van Huysduynen, L., Horazdovsky, T., Horn, C., Horner, S., Hostachy, J. Y., Hou, S., Houlden, M. A., Hoummada, A., Howard, J., Howarth, J., Howell, D. F., Hristova, I., Hrivnac, J., Hruska, I., Hryn'ova, T., Hsu, P. J., Hsu, S. C., Huang, G. S., Hubacek, Z., Hubaut, F., Huegging, F., Huettmann, A., Huffman, T. B., Hughes, E. W., Hughes, G., Hughes-Jones, R. E., Huhtinen, M., Hurst, P., Hurwitz, M., Husemann, U., Huseynov, N., Huston, J., Huth, J., Iacobucci, G., Iakovidis, G., Ibbotson, M., Ibragimov, I., Ichimiya, R., Iconomidou-Fayard, L., Idarraga, J., Iengo, P., Igonkina, O., Ikegami, Y., Ikeno, M., Ilchenko, Y., Iliadis, D., Ilic, N., Imbault, D., Imori, M., Ince, T., Inigo-Golfin, J., Ioannou, P., Iodice, M., Iordanidou, K., Ippolito, V., Irles Quiles, A., Isaksson, C., Ishikawa, A., Ishino, M., Ishmukhametov, R., Issever, C., Istin, S., Ivashin, A. V., Iwanski, W., Iwasaki, H., Izen, J. M., Izzo, V., Jackson, B., Jackson, J. N., Jackson, P., Jaekel, M. R., Jain, V., Jakobs, K., Jakobsen, S., Jakoubek, T., Jakubek, J., Jana, D. K., Jankowski, E., Jansen, E., Jansen, H., Jantsch, A., Janus, M., Jarlskog, G., Jeanty, L., Jelen, K., Jen-La Plante, I., Jenni, P., Jeremie, A., Jež, P., Jézéquel, S., Jha, M. K., Ji, H., Ji, W., Jia, J., Jiang, Y., Jimenez Belenguer, M., Jin, G., Jin, S., Jinnouchi, O., Joergensen, M. D., Joffe, D., Johansen, L. G., Johansen, M., Johansson, K. E., Johansson, P., Johnert, S., Johns, K. A., Jon-And, K., Jones, G., Jones, R. W. L., Jones, T. W., Jones, T. J., Jonsson, O., Joram, C., Jorge, P. M., Joseph, J., Joshi, K. D., Jovicevic, J., Jovin, T., Ju, X., Jung, C. A., Jungst, R. M., Juranek, V., Jussel, P., Juste Rozas, A., Kabachenko, V. V., Kabana, S., Kaci, M., Kaczmarska, A., Kadlecik, P., Kado, M., Kagan, H., Kagan, M., Kaiser, S., Kajomovitz, E., Kalinin, S., Kalinovskaya, L. V., Kama, S., Kanaya, N., Kaneda, M., Kaneti, S., Kanno, T., Kantserov, V. A., Kanzaki, J., Kaplan, B., Kapliy, A., Kaplon, J., Kar, D., Karagounis, M., Karagoz, M., Karnevskiy, M., Karr, K., Kartvelishvili, V., Karyukhin, A. N., Kashif, L., Kasieczka, G., Kass, R. D., Kastanas, A., Kataoka, M., Kataoka, Y., Katsoufis, E., Katzy, J., Kaushik, V., Kawagoe, K., Kawamoto, T., Kawamura, G., Kayl, M. S., Kazanin, V. A., Kazarinov, M. Y., Keeler, R., Kehoe, R., Keil, M., Kekelidze, G. D., Keller, J. S., Kennedy, J., Kenney, C. J., Kenyon, M., Kepka, O., Kerschen, N., Kerševan, B. P., Kersten, S., Kessoku, K., Keung, J., Khalil-zada, F., Khandanyan, H., Khanov, A., Kharchenko, D., Khodinov, A., Kholodenko, A. G., Khomich, A., Khoo, T. J., Khoriauli, G., Khoroshilov, A., Khovanskiy, N., Khovanskiy, V., Khramov, E., Khubua, J., Kim, H., Kim, M. S., Kim, P. C., Kim, S. H., Kimura, N., Kind, O., King, B. T., King, M., King, R. S. B., Kirk, J., Kirsch, L. E., Kiryunin, A. E., Kishimoto, T., Kisielewska, D., Kittelmann, T., Kiver, A. M., Kladiva, E., Klaiber-Lodewigs, J., Klein, M., Klein, U., Kleinknecht, K., Klemetti, M., Klier, A., Klimek, P., Klimentov, A., Klingenberg, R., Klinger, J. A., Klinkby, E. B., Klioutchnikova, T., Klok, P. F., Klous, S., Kluge, E. E., Kluge, T., Kluit, P., Kluth, S., Knecht, N. S., Kneringer, E., Knobloch, J., Knoops, E. B. F. G., Knue, A., Ko, B. R., Kobayashi, T., Kobel, M., Kocian, M., Kodys, P., Köneke, K., König, A. C., Koenig, S., Köpke, L., Koetsveld, F., Koevesarki, P., Koffas, T., Koffeman, E., Kogan, L. A., Kohlmann, S., Kohn, F., Kohout, Z., Kohriki, T., Koi, T., Kokott, T., Kolachev, G. M., Kolanoski, H., Kolesnikov, V., Koletsou, I., Koll, J., Kollar, D., Kollefrath, M., Kolya, S. D., Komar, A. A., Komori, Y., Kondo, T., Kono, T., Kononov, A. I., Konoplich, R., Konstantinidis, N., Kootz, A., Koperny, S., Korcyl, K., Kordas, K., Koreshev, V., Korn, A., Korol, A., Korolkov, I., Korolkova, E. V., Korotkov, V. A., Kortner, O., Kortner, S., Kostyukhin, V. V., Kotamäki, M. J., Kotov, S., Kotov, V. M., Kotwal, A., Kourkoumelis, C., Kouskoura, V., Koutsman, A., Kowalewski, R., Kowalski, T. Z., Kozanecki, W., Kozhin, A. S., Kral, V., Kramarenko, V. A., Kramberger, G., Krasny, M. W., Krasznahorkay, A., Kraus, J., Kraus, J. K., Kreisel, A., Krejci, F., Kretzschmar, J., Krieger, N., Krieger, P., Kroeninger, K., Kroha, H., Kroll, J., Kroseberg, J., Krstic, J., Kruchonak, U., Krüger, H., Kruker, T., Krumnack, N., Krumshteyn, Z. V., Kruth, A., Kubota, T., Kuday, S., Kuehn, S., Kugel, A., Kuhl, T., Kuhn, D., Kukhtin, V., Kulchitsky, Y., Kuleshov, S., Kummer, C., Kuna, M., Kundu, N., Kunkle, J., Kupco, A., Kurashige, H., Kurata, M., Kurochkin, Y. A., Kus, V., Kuwertz, E. S., Kuze, M., Kvita, J., Kwee, R., La Rosa, A., La Rotonda, L., Labarga, L., Labbe, J., Lablak, S., Lacasta, C., Lacava, F., Lacker, H., Lacour, D., Lacuesta, V. R., Ladygin, E., Lafaye, R., Laforge, B., Lagouri, T., Lai, S., Laisne, E., Lamanna, M., Lambourne, L., Lampen, C. L., Lampl, W., Lancon, E., Landgraf, U., Landon, M. P. J., Landsman, H., Lane, J. L., Lange, C., Lankford, A. J., Lanni, F., Lantzsch, K., Laplace, S., Lapoire, C., Laporte, J. F., Lari, T., Larionov, A. V., Larner, A., Lasseur, C., Lassnig, M., Laurelli, P., Lavorini, V., Lavrijsen, W., Laycock, P., Lazarev, A. B., Le Dortz, O., Le Guirriec, E., Le Maner, C., Le Menedeu, E., Lebel, C., LeCompte, T., Ledroit-Guillon, F., Lee, H., Lee, J. S. H., Lee, S. C., Lee, L., Lefebvre, M., Legendre, M., Leger, A., LeGeyt, B. C., Legger, F., Leggett, C., Lehmacher, M., Lehmann Miotto, G., Lei, X., Leite, M. A. L., Leitner, R., Lellouch, D., Leltchouk, M., Lemmer, B., Lendermann, V., Leney, K. J. C., Lenz, T., Lenzen, G., Lenzi, B., Leonhardt, K., Leontsinis, S., Lepold, F., Leroy, C., Lessard, J. R., Lesser, J., Lester, C. G., Lester, C. M., Leung Fook Cheong, A., Levêque, J., Levin, D., Levinson, L. J., Levitski, M. S., Lewis, A., Lewis, G. H., Leyko, A. M., Leyton, M., Li, B., Li, H., Li, S., Li, X., Liang, Z., Liao, H., Liberti, B., Lichard, P., Lichtnecker, M., Lie, K., Liebig, W., Lifshitz, R., Limbach, C., Limosani, A., Limper, M., Lin, S. C., Linde, F., Linnemann, J. T., Lipeles, E., Lipinsky, L., Lipniacka, A., Liss, T. M., Lissauer, D., Lister, A., Litke, A. M., Liu, C., Liu, D., Liu, H., Liu, J. B., Liu, M., Liu, S., Liu, Y., Livan, M., Livermore, S. S. A., Lleres, A., Llorente Merino, J., Lloyd, S. L., Lobodzinska, E., Loch, P., Lockman, W. S., Loddenkoetter, T., Loebinger, F. K., Loginov, A., Loh, C. W., Lohse, T., Lohwasser, K., Lokajicek, M., Loken, J., Lombardo, V. P., Long, R. E., Lopes, L., Lopez Mateos, D., Lorenz, J., Lorenzo Martinez, N., Losada, M., Loscutoff, P., Lo Sterzo, F., Losty, M. J., Lou, X., Lounis, A., Loureiro, K. F., Love, J., Love, P. A., Lowe, A. J., Lu, F., Lubatti, H. J., Luci, C., Lucotte, A., Ludwig, A., Ludwig, D., Ludwig, I., Ludwig, J., Luehring, F., Luijckx, G., Lukas, W., Lumb, D., Luminari, L., Lund, E., Lund-Jensen, B., Lundberg, B., Lundberg, J., Lundquist, J., Lungwitz, M., Lutz, G., Lynn, D., Lys, J., Lytken, E., Ma, H., Ma, L. L., Macana Goia, J. A., Maccarrone, G., Macchiolo, A., Maček, B., Machado Miguens, J., Mackeprang, R., Madaras, R. J., Mader, W. F., Maenner, R., Maeno, T., Mättig, P., Mättig, S., Magnoni, L., Magradze, E., Mahalalel, Y., Mahboubi, K., Mahmoud, S., Mahout, G., Maiani, C., Maidantchik, C., Maio, A., Majewski, S., Makida, Y., Makovec, N., Mal, P., Malaescu, B., Malecki, P., Malecki, P., Maleev, V. P., Malek, F., Mallik, U., Malon, D., Malone, C., Maltezos, S., Malyshev, V., Malyukov, S., Mameghani, R., Mamuzic, J., Manabe, A., Mandelli, L., Mandić, I., Mandrysch, R., Maneira, J., Mangeard, P. S., Manhaes de Andrade Filho, L., Manjavidze, I. D., Mann, A., Manning, P. M., Manousakis-Katsikakis, A., Mansoulie, B., Manz, A., Mapelli, A., Mapelli, L., March, L., Marchand, J. F., Marchese, F., Marchiori, G., Marcisovsky, M., Marin, A., Marino, C. P., Marroquim, F., Marshall, R., Marshall, Z., Martens, F. K., Marti-Garcia, S., Martin, A. J., Martin, B., Martin, B., Martin, F. F., Martin, J. P., Martin, P., Martin, T. A., Martin, V. J., Martin dit Latour, B., Martin-Haugh, S., Martinez, M., Martinez Outschoorn, V., Martyniuk, A. C., Marx, M., Marzano, F., Marzin, A., Masetti, L., Mashimo, T., Mashinistov, R., Masik, J., Maslennikov, A. L., Massa, I., Massaro, G., Massol, N., Mastrandrea, P., Mastroberardino, A., Masubuchi, T., Mathes, M., Matricon, P., Matsumoto, H., Matsunaga, H., Matsushita, T., Mattravers, C., Maugain, J. M., Maurer, J., Maxfield, S. J., Maximov, D. A., May, E. N., Mayne, A., Mazini, R., Mazur, M., Mazzaferro, L., Mazzanti, M., Mazzoni, E., Mc Kee, S. P., McCarn, A., McCarthy, R. L., McCarthy, T. G., McCubbin, N. A., McFarlane, K. W., Mcfayden, J. A., McGlone, H., Mchedlidze, G., McLaren, R. A., Mclaughlan, T., McMahon, S. J., McPherson, R. A., Meade, A., Mechnich, J., Mechtel, M., Medinnis, M., Meera-Lebbai, R., Meguro, T., Mehdiyev, R., Mehlhase, S., Mehta, A., Meier, K., Meirose, B., Melachrinos, C., Mellado Garcia, B. R., Meloni, F., Mendoza Navas, L., Meng, Z., Mengarelli, A., Menke, S., Menot, C., Meoni, E., Mercurio, K. M., Mermod, P., Merola, L., Meroni, C., Merritt, F. S., Merritt, H., Messina, A., Metcalfe, J., Mete, A. S., Meyer, C., Meyer, C., Meyer, J. P., Meyer, J., Meyer, J., Meyer, T. C., Meyer, W. T., Miao, J., Michal, S., Micu, L., Middleton, R. P., Migas, S., Mijović, L., Mikenberg, G., Mikestikova, M., Mikuž, M., Miller, D. W., Miller, R. J., Mills, W. J., Mills, C., Milov, A., Milstead, D. A., Milstein, D., Minaenko, A. A., Miñano Moya, M., Minashvili, I. A., Mincer, A. I., Mindur, B., Mineev, M., Ming, Y., Mir, L. M., Mirabelli, G., Miralles Verge, L., Misiejuk, A., Mitrevski, J., Mitrofanov, G. Y., Mitsou, V. A., Mitsui, S., Miyagawa, P. S., Miyazaki, K., Mjörnmark, J. U., Moa, T., Mockett, P., Moed, S., Moeller, V., Mönig, K., Möser, N., Mohapatra, S., Mohr, W., Mohrdieck-Möck, S., Moisseev, A. 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Reply to Comment on 'Geochronologic Evidence for a Cold Arc-Continent Collision: The Taiwan Orogeny' by Chin-Ho Tsai, Tzen-Fu Yui, Wen-Shan Chen and Sun-Lin Chung

Wintsch, R. P., Yang, H-J., Li, X. H. & Tung, K. A., 2012 Feb 1, In : Lithos. 132-133, p. 196-199 4 p.

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Source uncertainty estimation in seismic intensity determination of the Taiwan Region

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strong motion
earthquake magnitude
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Erratum: Determination of structural chirality of berlinite and quartz using resonant x-ray diffraction with circularly polarized x-rays (Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (2010) 81 (144104))

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Erratum: Arsenic in a Speleothem from Central China: Stadial-Interstadial Variations and Implications (Environmental Science & Technology (2011) 45 (1278-1283))

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environmental science
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Corrigendum to "Stable and high energy generation by a strain of Bacillus subtilis in a microbial fuel cell" [J. Power Sources 190 (2) (2009) 258-263] (DOI:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2009.01.019)

Nimje, V. R., Chen, C. Y., Chen, C. C., Jean, J-S., Satyanarayana Reddy, A., Fan, C. W., Pan, K. Y., Liu, H. T. & Chen, J. L., 2010 Aug 15, In : Journal of Power Sources. 195, 16, p. 5427-5428 2 p.

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Microbial fuel cells
fuel cells
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frequency ranges
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Erratum: Publisher's Note: Magnetic correlations in the spin ice Ho 2-xYxTi2O7 as revealed by neutron polarization analysis (Phys. Rev. B) (2010) 82 (172403))

Chang, L. J., Su, Y., Kao, Y. J., Chou, Y. Z., Mittal, R., Schneider, H., Brückel, T., Balakrishnan, G. & Lees, M. R., 2010 Nov 10, In : Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. 82, 17, 179901.

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Ishizaka et al. reply

Ishizaka, K., Eguchi, R., Tsuda, S., Chainani, A. A., Yokoya, T., Kiss, T., Shimojima, T., Togashi, T., Watanabe, S., Chen, C. T., Takano, Y., Nagao, M., Sakaguchi, I., Takenouchi, T., Kawarada, H. & Shin, S., 2009 May 11, In : Physical review letters. 102, 19, 199702.

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Development and application of a ReaxFF reactive force field for oxidative dehydrogenation on vanadium oxide catalysts (The Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2008) 112C)

Chenoweth, K., Van Duin, A. C. T., Persson, P., Cheng, M-J., Oxgaard, J. & Goddard, W. A., 2008 Sep 18, In : Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 112, 37, 1 p.

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vanadium oxides
physical chemistry
field theory (physics)

Erratum: Sawtooth oscillations in shaped plasmas (Physics of Plasmas (2007) 14 (055701))

Lazarus, E. A., Luce, T. C., Austin, M. E., Brennan, D. P., Burrell, K. H., Chu, M-S., Ferron, J. R., Hyatt, A. W., Jayakumar, R. J., Lao, L. L., Lohr, J., Makowski, M. A., Osborne, T. H., Petty, C. C., Politzer, P. A., Prater, R., Rhodes, T. L., Scoville, J. T., Solomon, W. M., Strait, E. J. & 3 others, Turnbull, A. D., Waelbroeck, F. L. & Zhang, C., 2008 Dec 1, In : Physics of Plasmas. 15, 12, 129901.

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Comment on "new physics contributions to the lifetime difference in D0-D̄0 mixing"

Chen, C. H., Geng, C. Q. & Nam, S. H., 2007 Jul 2, In : Physical review letters. 99, 1, 019101.

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life (durability)
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Erratum: Bulk screening in core-level photoemission from Mott-Hubbard and charge-transfer systems (Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (2005) 71, (155102))

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Solid-state synthesis of monocrystalline iron oxide nanoparticle based ferrofluid suitable for magnetic resonance imaging contrast application

Lu, J., Yang, S., Ka, M. N., Su, C. H., Yeh, C. S., Wu, Y. N. & Shieh, D. B., 2007 Jul 18, In : Nanotechnology. 18, 28, 289001.

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Magnetic fluids
Magnetic resonance
Imaging techniques
monocrystalline iron oxide nanoparticle

Erratum: Error signal artifact in apertureless scanning near-field optical microscopy (Applied Physics Letters (2006) 89 (023105))

Billot, L., De La Chapelle, M. L., Barchiesi, D., Chang, S., Gray, S. K., Rogers, J. A., Bouhelier, A., Adam, P. M., Bijeon, J. L., Wiederrecht, G. P., Bachelot, R. & Royer, P., 2006 Sep 8, In : Applied Physics Letters. 89, 9, 099901.

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error signals
near fields
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Erratum: Novel method of pentacene alignment using photoaligned polyimide and its application in thin-film transistors (Chemistry of Materials (2004) 16 (4610-4615))

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Thin film transistors
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Erratum: Quasi-equilibrium binary black hole initial data for dynamical evolutions (Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology (2004) 70 (084033))

Yo, H-J., Cook, J. N., Shapiro, S. L. & Baumgarte, T. W., 2004 Jan 1, In : Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology. 70, 8, p. 89904-89901 4 p., 089904.

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Black Holes