Organization profile

At the initial phase as preparation for foundation of our Medical College, an exclusive area for reproduction and contract breeding of laboratory animals was already considered as necessary to offer quality-guaranteed laboratory animals exclusively for research and study. Before construction of the building where our Medical College currently located, our laboratory animals area had been restricted within only two rooms at west side of the building where our Department of Life Science currently located, and at that time the sanitation standards and effective maintenance mode were completely set up in a short time, notwithstanding its tiny space. After foundation of our Medical College, Committee of Animal Management was established, under our Medical College, to be fully responsible for planning of facilities and equipments for laboratory animals, outlining policies of its supervision as well as other affairs related. Afterwards, in the year of 1987, our Medical College moved into the current Technology Building at the east side of the area where our Medical College at Cheng-Hsing Campus currently located, and at the same time two rooms for contract breeding of laboratory animals were assigned within the new location; Also, Dr.Chun-Keung Yu, as an instructor at that time, started his services for our school by our invitation to be in charge of reproduction of laboratory animals as well as the genetic monitoring. At the same year, Dr. Kun-Yen Huang, as the Dean of our Medical College at that time, invited Dr. Kuen -Jeng Huang to be responsible for planning of our laboratory animal center, once situated inside the current research building, that now locates at the east-north corner of our Medical college area. The design of our laboratory animal center has been varied according to our requirements, since at the planning phase of our center, the building where our Medical College currently located was still under constructions. As the work completion of our building, in consideration of the title as a consultant that was at that time given to Dr. Kuen-Jeng Huang under our school, Mr. Bo-Shung Fang, our current professor, was being invited to be the Director of our Center. Hence, our Laboratory Animal Center has officially founded since then.