A Book Writing Project of the Aesthetics of Participatory Theatre: the Mobil Audience in Nomadic Spaces of 21st Century

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Aesthetics of Participatory Theatre: The Mobil Audience in Nomadic Spaces is an interdisciplinary approach to map the development of moving audience in the landscape of theatre aesthetics in the 21st century. It surveys the term of participatory through a series of study from the issues such as time-space, mobile technology, and locality. By analysing a range of innovative case studies and contemporary methodologies, it mediates between the fields of visual, theatre and human geography studies. This book challenges the classic study of the plays which based on the relationship between seated spectators and staged actors, to explore out into the everyday spaces where moving bodies bring the idea of embodiment into practice, to create and participate a theatrical work on a physical as well as imaginary journey with the historical spaces and everyday life, and finally to connect the discussions of reality and visual within theatre works . The result will not only incorporate current aesthetic and social discourses but also provide a practical understanding of theatrical practice. This project has evolved from some of my previous research projects, art grants and theatrical practices. The main goal of this project is to continue to broaden and deepen the understanding of previous works, to theorize on related issues and to complete a book within two years’ time. As a result, the contribution of this book towards the study of audience participation, mobility and socially-engaged arts.
Effective start/end date18-08-0119-07-31


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