An Approach to the Study of Settlements with Reference to “Overlooking and Walking” -Exemplified by the Rice Street, Puji Temple and Their Surrounding Areas in Tainan City

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In this project, the fundamental question of settlement study is reflected again to conclude the researches of the past few years. That is, what is the reality of the human life in a settlement? In architectural tradition, the analytic approaches with references to geography, socio-economy, politic and religion were proposed in 1990s. In the following twenty years, abundant cases and investigations were accumulated. Base on the existing theories and achievements, this research tries to complete the researching methods by proposing the perspective of ‘overlooking and walking’. In one way in this research, the ‘section’ would be taken as a conceptual tool to rethink the approach of settlement and establish the dynamic analytic structure. In another way, to illustrate the continuity of the urban spatial transformations, the materials and data would be integrated by taking the ordinary citizens as the main objects of the discourse. The case of the Mi Street, Pu-Ji Temple and their surrounding areas is appropriate to illustrate the dimensions of urban spatial transformations of Tainan City for the sociocultural context and spatial textile. The work would be processed by geographic information systems to discourse the transformations of the sociocultural-built environment In Tainan City.
Effective start/end date16-08-0117-07-31


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