An Ergonomics Research and Developing on Senior Citizens’ Mobile Devices Gesture Display

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Facing the world trend of an aging society, Europe, America, Japan and other advanced countries from the social welfare point of view, paying attention to design issues related to the elderly community. In our living environment filled with all kinds of mobile phones and tablet mobile devices, but often found with fancy, high-tech rendering attract the user's attention, so that important information for the elderly Search and produces many places on the same judgment. As an industrial designer on the physical and psychological needs of elderly people should understand, and follow the principles of universal design, in order to design the elderly applicable mobile device interface operation gesture, and thus enhance the effectiveness of the value of the product should be. Therefore, human factors engineering design methods to improve the operation gesture its necessity and design, and hopes people can be due to experimental investigation and archive needs of the elderly through two data plan, the decision to construct the evaluation system and human factors development model, the final design proposed demonstration. The project is divided into two part, The main plan is to construct the first year of the complete population of elderly people due to demand action device interface information, and divided into two parts: (1)Common market of mobile devices for the elderly operated by the touch gesture recognition of people because of the investigation and information-gathering; (2)Elderly recognition experiments on touch mobile devices. The next year plans to follow the results of the first year is also divided into two parts: (1)Elderly people to touch your mobile device due to poor decisions Constructing Evaluation System; (2)Applicable to the design construction and design application development model elderly gestures of touch mobile devices. We hope by four parts to improve people touch your mobile device because of a problem, Develop related products for the elderly to use it, In addition to the development of a new design to follow directions provide IT industry in the future, Strengthening social groups for more attention and care of the elderly.
Effective start/end date16-08-0117-07-31


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