Constructing an Integrated Theoretical Explanation Model about the Impact of Grit on Delinquencies for Junior High School Students in Taiwan

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There are many causes of delinquencies for adolescents. Grit could become a protect factor to restrain the probabilities of delinquencies if adolescents have a gritty trait. Dr. Duckworth indicated that grit is regarded as a significant and developable skill, and it is a self-control and cultivatable trait. A gritty individual doesn’t have delinquencies because he doesn’t far away from the long-term goal he wants to pursuit. Therefore, the main purpose of this program is to construct an integrated theoretical explanation model about the impact of grit on delinquencies for junior high school students in Taiwan. In the first year, this program aims to develop a grit scale suitable for social context in Taiwan. During preliminary, exploratory factor analysis and Rasch partial credit model will be adopted, and then confirmatory factor analysis will be used to examine the reliability and validation for the scale. In the second year, the program will construct an integrated theoretical explanation model based on the grit scale. The program will use partial least squared structure equation modeling to examine the direct, indirect and moderation effect of the general strain factors, attachments, and delinquent peer association on delinquencies through grit and illegitimated means. This program makes specific contributions to criminological theories, measurement on grit, and invention programs of delinquency improvement. In the future, this study could be used as a reference to the practices of adolescent delinquency improvement.
Effective start/end date18-08-0119-07-31


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