Generation and use of new forms of spatial entanglement in parametric amplification.

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The present project will bring a new set of skills and new international collaborations in Taiwan. It is an opportunity to establish strong and long term connections on the topic of quantum technologies with the European Union, the UK and France that are major players in the field. Quantum imaging is a new topic in Taiwan, and the project should bring some international visibility to Taiwan through these new local developments. The end goal of the project is to support the development of new quantum technologies. In that the project will be in line and contributes to the governmental efforts to promote and support such a development within Taiwan. The project will not only allow a new generation of quantum physicist to be formed, generation that is expected to fully build the quantum technologies. But the project has also itself the potential to generate new technological developments and new industrial collaborations.
Effective start/end date23-12-0124-07-31


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