Pragmatic Analysis and Intercultural Communication Study of Chinese Textbooks for Children

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This project mainly focuses on the analysis of the pragmatic contents in Chinese textbooks for children, including pragmatic strategies, pragmatic competence, pragmatic types and teaching objectives, etc. The entire project is constructed within the scope of intercultural communication. Firstly, through the comparative analysis of the textbook content, we can understand the interaction between verbal behavior, communication objects, pragmatic rules, etc., and intercultural communication. Based on the observation of various verbal and nonverbal communication (image expression) in the teaching materials, the core similarities and differences of intercultural communication can be figured out to understand the communication strategies and expressions in children's Chinese textbooks. Its short-term goal is to avoid pragmatic failure, that is, to fully understand the contents of the textbooks with the help of pragmatic knowledge, to subtly enhance learners' pragmatic competence, and ultimately develop abilities in intercultural communication and global competence. The second is to clarify the teaching goals of pragmatic competence, and to identify what specific teaching operations are needed. That depends on the setting and arrangement of teaching goals, that is, to describe what knowledge and operations students must master, so as to provide principled and indicative contents and specific operational and practical functions. Furthermore, we examine the overall quality of the textbooks from the perspectives of practicality, communication, knowledge, fun, and scientificity. Moreover, the abundant graphic texts in the textbooks are conducive to the development of children's perception and understanding, and children can learn from the character images in the pictures to develop their perception and comprehension capabilities. Finally, through the pragmatic analysis of the textbooks, coupled with the theory of intercultural communication and the principles of textbook creation, the author hopes to establish a framework of teaching objectives for the pragmatic competence in children's Chinese textbooks.
Effective start/end date20-08-0121-07-31


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