The Regulation of Unfair Competition Law against Competition through Vi Olation of Law: Comparative Studies of the German Act against Unfair Competition, Eu Directive of Unfair Commercial Practices and Fair Trade Act of Taiwan

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A undertaking could win the advantage in competition by means of violation of law. It is difficult and controversial to determine whether this constitute unfair competition and to what extent, or this is only the violation of law it violates. The German Act against Unfair Competition prescribes that competitive behavior thorough violation of law constitutes unfair competition only when the law regulates the market behavior. This research aims at comparative studying the Art. 25 of Fair Trade Act of Taiwan, German Act against Unfair Competition and EU unfair competition Law. It explores the illicit content of the competitive behavior thorough violation of law, and also explores the regulatory orientation it should have.
Effective start/end date20-08-0121-07-31


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