The Study on Urban Socioeconomic-Spatial Transformations from the Perspective of Residents and Their Living-Tainan City during Colonial Period as a Case Study (1920-1945)

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Based on the macro and structural researches, this research studies the socioeconomic-urban spatial transformations of colonial Tainan City from a micro perspective of ordinary citizen. By establishing the database of the citizen’s subsistence productivities in the geographic information systems (GIS), this research analyze four streets, the Suehiro-cho Street, Hon-machi Street, Seimon-cho Street, and the Mi Street to interpret the transformations. Suehiro-cho Street is a proper case when the new urban space created by colonial government is considered. The modern economic activities, culture, architectures and organization were combined in the street. However, beyond the Suehiro Sreet, in the Hon-machi Street, Seimon-cho Street, and Mi Street we can find that the traditional and modern economic activities coexisted in the two-layer urban spatial textile. The citizen adopted the macro socioeconomic-urban spatial transformations by changing their subsistence productivities while keeping the original way to earn livelihood.
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