The Value Creation and Value Capture in the Open Innovation - the Investigation of the International Standardization of the Telecommunication Industry

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In the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry, technical specifications can increase the network effects in the consumer product market. The technical specifications created by firms in international standardization are essential activities of value creation. However, when firms participate in international standardization to create technical specifications, they also need to consider how to consolidate their ability to capture value.Firms participating in international standardization to create technical specifications belong to the research field of open innovation. Past research regarded that open innovation can enhance innovation performance through cooperation. Besides, most studies of standardization discussed how firms cooperate with other firms to create the value of products in the SDOs (Standard-Development Organizations). This study considers that firms' participation in SDOs to create technical specifications is willing to acquire profits from the product market in the future. Therefore, if a firm can continue to control the technical specifications, it means that the firm can sustain its advantages to control the direction and trajectory of technology development to meet its valuable space in the future product market.This study analyzes the value creation and value capture networks of firms in the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) in the telecommunication industry. In particular, this study attempts to reveal how Motorola, Nokia, Interdigital, and Qualcomm controlled the technological development trajectory of telecommunication systems, respectively. We believe that this study can complement the debates of the value creation and value capture in the open innovation.
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