A complete modeling for fish robots with actuators

Yung Hsiang Chen, Yung Yue Chen, Qi Xian Chen, Yi Lin Tsai

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Purpose: For precisely presenting the swimming behavior of fish robots underwater and the practical implementation purpose, this paper aims to investigate a well-formulated fish robot model which integrates the nonlinear rigid body dynamics, kinematics and models of actuators. Design/methodology/approach: This fish robot model is mainly built up by three basic parts: a balance mechanism, a four-links vibrator and a caudal fin. In the fish robot’s head, there is a balance mechanism used to control the rotations in pitch and roll directions of the fish robot by moving two movable masses. The four-links vibrator with three active joints actuated by DC motors is designed to vibrate the fish’s body. In the end of the fish robot body, a caudal fin which connects with the passive joint is developed to generate hydrodynamic thrust forces to propel the fish robot. Findings: From the real stability tests and control verification, it is obvious that this proposed model can precisely present the swimming behavior of fish robots and possesses the potential to develop a fish-like robotic prototype. Originality/value: A well-formulated model with dynamics of actuators is integrated for presenting the swimming behavior of carangiform locomotion type fish robots in this investigation. From the simulation results and the practical test of a real fish robot, the feasibility of this proposed model for building up real fish robots can be proven, and this proposed model is accurate enough to effectively present the swimming behavior of fish robots.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)44-55
Number of pages12
JournalIndustrial Robot
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Apr 12

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