A framework for fusion of human sensor and physical sensor data

Pei Hsuan Tsai, Ying Jun Lin, Yi Zong Ou, Edward T.H. Chu, Jane W.S. Liu

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Many disaster warning and response systems can improve their surveillance coverage of the threatened area by supplementing in situ and remote physical sensor data with crowdsourced human sensor data captured and sent by people in the area. This paper presents fusion methods which enable a crowdsourcing enhanced system to use human sensor data and physical sensor data synergistically to improve its sensor coverage and the quality of its decisions. The methods are built on results of classical statistical detection and estimation theory and use value fusion and decision fusion of human sensor data and physical sensor data in a coherent way. They are the building blocks of a central fusion unit in a crowdsourcing support system for disaster surveillance and early warning applications.

Original languageEnglish
Article number6811188
Pages (from-to)1248-1261
Number of pages14
JournalIEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Sep

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  • Software
  • Control and Systems Engineering
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Computer Science Applications
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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