A Modified 1H-NMR Quantification Method of Ephedrine Alkaloids in Ephedrae Herba Samples

Yue Chiun Li, Chia Hung Wu, Thi Ha Le, Qingjun Yuan, Luqi Huang, Guo Fen Chen, Mei Lin Yang, Sio Hong Lam, Hsin Yi Hung, Handong Sun, Yi Hung Wu, Ping Chung Kuo, Tian Shung Wu

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A previous 1H-NMR method allowed the quantification of ephedrine alkaloids; however, there were some disadvantages. The cyclized derivatives resulted from the impurities of diethyl ether were identified and benzene was selected as the better extraction solvent. The locations of ephedrine alkaloids were confirmed with 2D NMR. Therefore, a specific 1H-NMR method has been modified for the quantification of ephedrine alkaloids. Accordingly, twenty Ephedrae Herba samples could be classified into three classes: (I) E. sinica-like species; (II) E. intermedia-like species; (III) others (lower alkaloid contents). The results indicated that ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are the major alkaloids in Ephedra plants, but the concentrations vary greatly determined by the plant species and the collection locations.

Original languageEnglish
Article number11272
JournalInternational journal of molecular sciences
Issue number14
Publication statusPublished - 2023 Jul

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  • Molecular Biology
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