A product design method for form and color matching based on aesthetic theory

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Form and color matching design are vital links in product design. Recently, many scholars have focused on quantifying visual aesthetics to improve design efficiency in form or color matching design activities. However, few scholars have considered both form and color matching. Therefore, we propose a more comprehensive and practical design model based on the aesthetics theory of form and color matching. This model includes 3 phases: preparation (Phase I), form design (Phase II), and color matching design (Phase III). In Phase I, the target product's functional system and design objectives are clarified. In Phase II, the spatial layouts of the target product are analysed, and several reasonable layouts are designed in detail. Finally, the form with the highest aesthetic measurement is selected from alternatives using the modified equilibrium formula and questionnaire. In Phase III, a group of colors conforming to the target imagery is selected from a color palette. Meanwhile, a set of appropriate observation angles are chosen using an expert questionnaire. Subsequently, three-color combinations with higher color harmony are filled into images with different observation angles. Finally, the aesthetics of color matching schemes are obtained using the formula of color matching, and the scheme with a higher average value of the aesthetic measurement from all observation angles is considered the best scheme. This paper takes the fresh food vehicle and leafless fan as the cases. The best form and color matching scheme are obtained using the formula of aesthetic measurement and verified with an expert questionnaire. The result shows consistency between the results of the quantization formula and the expert questionnaire, which confirms the effectiveness of this design model. The proposed design model could improve the design efficiency and ensure the products' visual aesthetics.

Original languageEnglish
Article number101702
JournalAdvanced Engineering Informatics
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Aug

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