A Study on the Fire-Retardant and Sound-Proofing Properties of Stainless Steel EAF Oxidizing Slag Applied to the Cement Panel

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Because of incomplete recycling resource management and technology development, inorganic sludge and slag has been misused in Taiwan. The recycling of inorganic sludge and slag is a pressing crisis. Resource materials with a sustainable use value are misplaced and have a significant impact on society and the environment, which greatly reduces industrial competitiveness. To solve the dilemma of EAF oxidizing slag recycled from the steel-making process, it is important to find solutions to improve the stability of EAF oxidizing slags based on the innovative thinking of the circular economy. We can improve the value of recycling resources and solve the contradiction between economic development and environmental impact. The project team intends to investigate the development and application of reclaiming EAF oxidizing slags blended with fire-retardant materials, which will integrate R&D work from four different aspects. First, a verification mechanism is carried out to establish stainless steel furnace materials. Suppliers must be assisted in conducting quality management for EAF oxidizing slags to ensure the quality of the materials provided. Next, high-value building materials must be developed using slag stabilization technology, and fire-retardant tests must be conducted on the recycled building materials. A comprehensive evaluation and verification of the recycled building materials must be undertaken, and high-value green building materials must be produced with fire-retardant and sound-proofing characteristics. Integration with national standards and regulations can drive the market integration of high-value building materials and the industrial chain. On the other hand, the applicability of existing regulations to facilitate the legal use of EAF oxidizing slags will be explored.

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Article number3103
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 2023 Apr

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