Adenosine modulation of neurotransmission in penile erection.

PH Chiang, SN Wu, EM Tsai, CC Wu, MR Shen, CH Huang, CP Chiang

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1. Adenosine inhibited the noradrenaline‐induced contraction of rabbit corpus cavernosum in a dose‐dependent manner. The effect of adenosine was greater in intact corpus cavernosa than in endothelium‐denuded preparations. This finding indicates that the relaxing effect of adenosine is partially endothelium‐dependent and involved in the release of endothelium‐derived relaxing factors. 2. Adenosine and its analogues relaxed the noradrenaline‐induced contractile response as well as inhibited the transmural nerve induced contraction with the potency order: NECA > R‐PIA > adenosine. These data indicate that adenosine can modulate both the non‐adrenergic non‐cholinergic and adrenergic neurotransmission. DMPX, an adenosine antagonist selective for the A2 receptors, abolished the electrically elicited relaxation. However, CGS 21680, selective for A2a receptor, had no effect on relaxation. Therefore, adenosine receptors involved in the modulation of neurotransmission in rabbit corpus cavernosum appear to be A2b subtype. 3. Adenosine also induced an increase in human cavernosal arterial velocity and resistive index measured by colour duplex sonography. The combination of adenosine and 10 micrograms prostaglandin E1 was more effective in resistive index and erection grade than 20 micrograms prostaglandin E1 alone. Our results suggest that adenosine seems to be an important neuromodulator for penile erection and can be an effective and alternative combination in the treatment of impotence. 1994 The British Pharmacological Society

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)357-362
Number of pages6
JournalBritish Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1994 Oct

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