Anisotropic elastic plates

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Anisotropic Elastic Plates find wide applications as structural elements in modern technology. The plates are considered to be subjected to not only inplane loads but also transverse loads. Plane problems, plate bending problems as well as stretching-bending coupling problems are all treated in this book. In addition to the introduction of the theory of anisotropic elasticity that includes two complex variable methods - Lekhnitiskii formalism and Stroh formalism- several important subjects are also discussed such as wedges, interfaces, cracks, holes, inclusions, contact problems, piezoelectric materials, thermal stresses and boundary element analysis. Anisotropic Elastic Plates also collects over one hundred problems and solutions. This book is a useful resource for engineers and researchers in composite materials.

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PublisherSpringer US
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Publication statusPublished - 2010 Dec 1

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