Anisotropy of φ-plasmon dispersion relation of AA-stacked graphite

Chih Wei Chiu, Feng Lin Shyu, Ming Fa Lin, Godfrey Gumbs, Oleksiy Roslyak

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The dispersion relation of the high energy optical φ-plasmons of simple hexagonal intrinsic graphite was calculated within the self-consistent-field approximation. The plasmon frequency !p is determined as functions of the transferred momentum qk along the hexagonal plane in the Brillouin zone and its perpendicular component q z. These plasmons are isotropic within the plane in the long wavelength limit. As the in-plane transferred momentum is increased, the plasmon frequency strongly depends on its magnitude and direction (ø). With increasing angle, the dispersion relation within the hexagonal plane is gradually changed from quadratic to nearly linear form. There are many significant differences for the ø-plasmon dispersion relations between two-dimensional (2D) graphene and three-dimensional (3D) AA-stacked graphite. They include qk- and ø-dependence and ø-plasmon bandwidth. This result reveals that interlayer interaction could enhance anisotropy of in-plane φ-plasmons. For chosen qk, we also obtain the plasmon frequency as a function of q z and show that there is an upper bound on q z for plasmons to exist in graphite. Additionally, the group velocity for plasmon propagation along the perpendicular direction may be positive or negative depending on the choice of qk. Consequently, the forward and backward propagation of φ-plasmons in AA-stacked graphite in which the energy flow is respectively parallel or antiparallel to the transferred momentum, can be realized. The backward flowing resonance is an intrinsic property of AA-stacked graphite, arising from the energy band structure and the interlayer coupling.

Original languageEnglish
Article number104703
JournalJournal of the Physical Society of Japan
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2012 Oct

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