Application Cases of Intelligent Manufacturing

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This chapter presents the actual intelligent manufacturing implementation cases adopting all the Industry 4.1 related techniques involving cyber-physical agent, advanced manufacturing cloud of things, automatic virtual metrology (AVM), intelligent predictive maintenance (IPM), and intelligent yield maintenance (IYM) in seven industries. These industries include: flat panel display, semiconductor, solar cell, automobile, aerospace, carbon fiber, and blow molding. Both AVM and IYM have been deployed in the thin film transistor-liquid crystal display industry. Tube to Tube control with AVM and IPM has been deployed in the solar cell industry. AVM, IPM, and IYM have been deployed in the semiconductor industry. The virtual metrology (VM) accuracy of each AVM Server can be maintained and the AVM Server is then ready to serve various VM applications. There are three preconditions of applying AVM: cause collection, effect collection, and work-in-process tracking.

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