Chemical Looping Strategy in Various Types of Carbon Capture Technologies

Birgitta Narindri Rara Winayu, Ting Ke Tseng, Hsin Chu

Research output: Contribution to journalReview articlepeer-review


Considering the worsening of global warming, development of efficient strategies in carbon capture process is essential. The chemical looping process (CLP) is considered a promising method applicable in various carbon capture strategies. In pre-, post-, or oxy-fuel combustion strategies, the efficiency of CLP has been explored and tested. This review discusses the applied CLP in each type of carbon capture strategy. Chemical looping gasification and reforming are categorized in the pre-combustion system. On the other hand, the popularity of calcium looping and amine looping are recognized as post-combustion strategies. Additionally, numerous oxygen carrier materials have been determined to reach high efficiency in oxy-fuel combustion. The review of the characters and the principle of the method was complemented by justification for real-scale application. Nonetheless, the popularity of CLP’s real implementation as a carbon capture strategy was still limited by several factors, including required cost for the facilities and energy demand. Thus, analysis on the prospect of CLP utilization was also included in this study.

Original languageEnglish
Article number3164
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2023 Nov

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  • Bioengineering
  • Chemical Engineering (miscellaneous)
  • Process Chemistry and Technology


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