Configuration-enriched magneto-electronic spectra of AAB-stacked trilayer graphene

Thi Nga Do, Chiun Yan Lin, Yi Ping Lin, Po Hsin Shih, Ming Fa Lin

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We developed the generalized tight-binding model to study the magneto-electronic properties of AAB-stacked trilayer graphene. Three groups of Landau levels (LLs) are characterized by the dominating subenvelope function on distinct sublattices. Each LL group could be further divided into two sub-groups in which the wavefunctions are, respectively, localized at 2/6 (5/6) and 4/6 (1/6) of the total length of the enlarged unit cell. The unoccupied conduction and the occupied valence LLs in each sub-group behave similarly. For the first group, there exist certain important differences between the two sub-groups, including the LL energy spacings, quantum numbers, spatial distributions of the LL wavefunctions, and the field-dependent energy spectra. The LL crossings and anticrossings occur frequently in each sub-group during the variation of field strengths, which thus leads to the very complex energy spectra and the seriously distorted wavefunctions. Also, the density of states (DOS) exhibits rich symmetric peak structures. The predicted results could be directly examined by experimental measurements. The magnetic quantization is quite different among the AAB-, AAA-, ABA-, and ABC-stacked configurations.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)619-632
Number of pages14
Publication statusPublished - 2015 Aug 29

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