Continuous Myocardial Perfusion during Distal Anastomosis of Acute Type A Aortic Dissection

Chia Yu Ou, Hsiang Wei Hu, Ting Wei Lin, Jun Neng Roan, Yu Ning Hu, Yi Cheng Wang, Meng Ta Tsai

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Background  The effect of continuous myocardial perfusion (CMP) on the surgical results of acute type A aortic dissection (ATAAD) remains unclear. Methods  From January 2017 to March 2022, 141 patients who underwent ATAAD (90.8%) or intramural hematoma (9.2%) surgery were reviewed. Fifty-one patients (36.2%) received proximal-first aortic reconstruction and CMP during distal anastomosis. Ninety patients (63.8%) underwent distal-first aortic reconstruction and were placed in traditional cold blood cardioplegic arrest (CA; 4°C, 4:1 blood-to-Plegisol) throughout the procedure. The preoperative presentations and intraoperative details were balanced using inverse probability of treatment weighting (IPTW). Their postoperative morbidity and mortality were analyzed. Results  The median age was 60 years. The incidence of arch reconstruction in the unweighted data was higher in the CMP compared with the CA group (74.5 vs 52.2%, p = 0.017) but was balanced after IPTW (62.4 vs 58.9%, p = 0.932, standardized mean difference = 0.073). The median cardiac ischemic time was lower in the CMP group (60.0 vs 130.9 minutes, p < 0.001), but cerebral perfusion time and cardiopulmonary bypass time were similar. The CMP group did not demonstrate any benefit in the reduction of the postoperative maximum creatine kinase-MB ratio (4.4 vs 5.1% in CA, p = 0.437) or postoperative low cardiac output (36.6 vs 24.8%, p = 0.237). Surgical mortality was comparable between groups (15.5% in CMP vs 7.5% in the CA group, p = 0.265). Conclusion  Application of CMP during distal anastomosis in ATAAD surgery, irrespective of the extent of aortic reconstruction, reduced myocardial ischemic time but did not improve cardiac outcome or mortality.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)96-104
Number of pages9
JournalThoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Jun 11

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