Determination of polymer content in modified bitumen

Jian-Shiuh Chen, M. C. Liao, C. H. Lin

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Polymer-modified bitumen (PMB) has been increasingly used to enhance pavement performance. Two styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) copolymers were mixed with two bitumens by weight of the blend. This paper aims at developing the procedure to determine the proper polymer content to be mixed with bitumen. Tests including storage stability test, dynamic shear rheometer and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) were conducted to investigate the viscoelastic properties and microstructures of PMB. The addition of polymers increased the viscosity, softening point, toughness and complex modulus of bitumens. SEM results indicated that, as the polymer content increased, SBS gradually became the dominant phase that resulted in an increase in PMB's mechanic properties. Good compatibility produced an elastic network into the PMB up to 6% polymer concentration. The optimum polymer content was determined based on the rheological properties and the formation of the critical network. Adding higher polymer contents could lead to the separation of polymer and bitumen. The softening point temperature difference between top and bottom samples should be controlled within 2°C to monitor PMB's stability.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)594-598
Number of pages5
JournalMaterials and Structures/Materiaux et Constructions
Issue number263
Publication statusPublished - 2003 Nov 1

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