Development of a Bidirectional DC–DC Converter with Rapid Energy Bidirectional Transition Technology

Hsuan Liao, Yi Tsung Chen, Linda Chen, Jiann Fuh Chen

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Bidirectional DC–DC converters are key devices in the DC distribution system and the energy storage system (ESS). It is important to consider the safety of the elements in the converter for rapid conversion of the power direction. Damages may occur to the power-related components in the circuit if the direction of the inductor current or the capacitor voltage changes instantaneously. To make the power flow change smoothly and quickly, this research proposed a bidirectional DC–DC converter with rapid energy transition technology implemented in the circuit architecture. The rapid energy bidirectional transition technology added a resonance path based on the LC resonant circuit, allowing rapid energy conversion through the resonance path. Therefore, the energy in the energy storage element could be quickly converted without causing circuit surges. Analyses of the converter operating in the step-up mode, the step-down mode, and the transition operation mode are presented. The proposed circuit architecture had a high voltage-conversion ratio and a simple architecture. A prototype bidirectional DC–DC converter with a full load of 500 W, a low side voltage of 24 V, and a high side voltage of 200 V was developed to prove the concept. The feasibility of the rapid energy bidirectional transition technology was verified by the simulation results and experimental results using the prototype converter. The maximum efficiencies in the step-up mode and the step-down mode were 95.3% and 93.8% respectively. Under full-load conditions, the transient time of the energy transition from the step-up mode to the step-down mode was 17.7 µs, and the transient time of the energy transition from the step-down mode to the step-up mode was 19.3 µs.

Original languageEnglish
Article number4583
Issue number13
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Jul 1

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