Drawing a knowledge map of smart city knowledge in academia

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This research takes the academic articles in the Web of Science's core collection database as a corpus to draw a series of knowledge maps, to explore the relationships, connectivity, distribution, and evolution among their keywords with respect to smart cities in the last decade. Beyond just drawing a text cloud or measuring their sizes, we further explore their texture by identifying the hottest keywords in academic articles, construct links between and among them that share common keywords, identify islands, rocks, reefs that are formed by connected articles-a metaphor inspired by Ong et al. (2005)- and analyze trends in their evolution. We found the following phenomena: 1) "Internet of Things" is the most frequently mentioned keyword in recent research articles; 2) the numbers of islands and reefs are increasing; 3) the evolutions of the numbers of weighted links have fractal-like structure; and, 4) the coverage of the largest rock, formed by articles that share a common keyword, in the largest island is converging into around 10% to 20%. These phenomena imply that a common interest in the technology of smart cities has been emerging among researchers. However, the administrative, social, economic, and cultural issues need more attention in academia in the future.

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