Empowering classroom observation with an e-book reading behavior monitoring system using sensing technologies

Yueh Min Huang, Chia Cheng Hsu, Yen Ning Su, Chia Ju Liu

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Classroom observation is a way for teachers to better understand and thus improve what happens in their classes. Reading is a complex cognitive process, and one that is often difficult to observe. However, e-books present one way to overcome this problem, as they can be used to better understand students' reading strengths and weaknesses, thus making it possible to offer more effective reading guidance. Therefore, this study proposed an E-book Reading Behavior Monitoring System based on sensing technology and e-books, with the following three stages: the analysis of a real classroom situation, system design and implementation, and an evaluation of the functionality and usability of the proposed system. This system uses a webcam and touch screen with the artificial bee colony algorithm to record data of the students' reading fixation and reading rates, which can then be used as a reference by teachers to provide individual reading guidance. Finally, this study carried out a series of experiments to evaluate the usability and functionality of the proposed system through a case study, system simulation, expert evaluation and actual assessment. The results show that the proposed system has both good usability and functionality with regard to its aim.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)372-387
Number of pages16
JournalInteracting with Computers
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Jul

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  • Human-Computer Interaction


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