EOG-based Sleep Staging Method, Computer Program Product with Stored Programs, Computer Readable Medium with Stored Programs, and Electronic Apparatuses

Sheng-Fu Liang (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


This invention mainly discloses an EOG-based sleep staging method which is used to improve of an accuracy of automatic sleep judging result. The method may be executed by a processor and comprises steps of reading a to-be-test data having a variation depending on time of EOG generated by a user during a sleep process; acquiring a plurality of eye movement characteristics based on a variation of the EOG of a period,
Translated title of the contribution基於眼動電訊之睡眠分期方法、內儲程式之電腦程式產品、內儲程式之電腦可讀取紀錄媒體及電子裝置
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberI536964
Publication statusPublished - 1800

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