Estimation of shear-wave velocity structures in taichung, taiwan, using array measurements of microtremors

Huey Chu Huang, Tien Han Shih, Cheng Ta Hsu, Cheng Feng Wu

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AbstractsNear-surface S-wave velocity structures (VS ) are crucial in site-effect studies and ground-motion simulations or predictions. We explored S-wave velocity structures in Taichung, the second-largest city in Taiwan by population, by employing array measurements of microtremors at a total of 53 sites. First, the fundamental-mode dispersion curves of Rayleigh waves were estimated by adopting the frequency–wavenumber analysis method. Second, the surface-wave inversion technique was used to calculate the S-wave velocity structures of the area. At many sites, observed phase velocities were almost flat, with a phase velocity of approximately 800–1300 m/s in the frequency range of 0.6–2 Hz. A high-velocity zone (VS of 900–1500 m/s) with a convex shape was observed at the shallow S-wave structures of these sites (depths of 50–500 m). On the basis of the inversion results, we constructed two-dimensional and three-dimensional contour maps to elucidate the variations of VS structures in Taichung. According to VS-contour maps at different depths, lowest S-wave velocities are found at the western coastal plain, whereas highest S-wave velocities appear on the eastern side. The S-wave velocity gradually decreases from east to west. Moreover, the S-wave velocity of the Tertiary bedrock is assumed to be 1500 m/s in the area. According to the depth-contour map (VS = 1500 m/s), the depths of the bedrock range from 250 m (the eastern part) to 1550 m (the western part). The thicknesses of the alluvium gradually decrease from west to east. Our results are consistent with the geology of the Taichung area.

Original languageEnglish
Article number170
JournalApplied Sciences (Switzerland)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Jan

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