Fusion power production from TFTR plasmas fueled with deuterium and tritium

J. D. Strachan, H. Adler, P. Alling, C. Ancher, H. Anderson, J. L. Anderson, D. Ashcroft, Cris W. Barnes, G. Barnes, S. Batha, M. G. Bell, R. Bell, M. Bitter, W. Blanchard, N. L. Bretz, R. Budny, C. E. Bush, R. Camp, M. Caorlin, S. CauffmanZ. Chang, C. Z. Cheng, J. Collins, G. Coward, D. S. Darrow, J. DeLooper, H. Duong, L. Dudek, R. Durst, P. C. Efthimion, D. Ernst, R. Fisher, R. J. Fonck, E. Fredrickson, N. Fromm, G. Y. Fu, H. P. Furth, C. Gentile, N. Gorelenkov, B. Grek, L. R. Grisham, G. Hammett, G. R. Hanson, R. J. Hawryluk, W. Heidbrink, H. W. Herrmann, K. W. Hill, J. Hosea, H. Hsuan, A. Janos, D. L. Jassby, F. C. Jobes, D. W. Johnson, L. C. Johnson, J. Kamperschroer, H. Kugel, N. T. Lam, P. H. Lamarche, M. J. Loughlin, B. LeBlanc, M. Leonard, F. M. Levinton, J. MacHuzak, D. K. Mansfield, A. Martin, E. Mazzucato, R. Majeski, E. Marmar, J. McChesney, B. McCormack, D. C. McCune, K. M. McGuire, G. McKee, D. M. Meade, S. S. Medley, D. R. Mikkelsen, D. Mueller, M. Murakami, A. Nagy, R. Nazikian, R. Newman, T. Nishitani, M. Norris, T. O'Connor, M. Oldaker, M. Osakabe, D. K. Owens, H. Park, W. Park, S. F. Paul, G. Pearson, E. Perry, M. Petrov, C. K. Phillips, S. Pitcher, A. T. Ramsey, D. A. Rasmussen, M. H. Redi, D. Roberts, J. Rogers, R. Rossmassler, A. L. Roquemore, E. Ruskov, S. A. Sabbagh, M. Sasao, G. Schilling, J. Schivell, G. L. Schmidt, S. D. Scott, R. Sissingh, C. H. Skinner, J. A. Snipes, J. Stevens, T. Stevenson, B. C. Stratton, E. Synakowski, W. Tang, G. Taylor, J. L. Terry, M. E. Thompson, M. Tuszewski, C. Vannoy, A. Von Halle, S. Von Goeler, D. Voorhees, R. T. Walters, R. Wieland, J. B. Wilgen, M. Williams, J. R. Wilson, K. L. Wong, G. A. Wurden, M. Yamada, K. M. Young, M. C. Zarnstorff, S. J. Zweben

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Peak fusion power production of 6.2±0.4 MW has been achieved in TFTR plasmas heated by deuterium and tritium neutral beams at a total power of 29.5 MW. These plasmas have an inferred central fusion alpha particle density of 1.2×1017 m-3 without the appearance of either disruptive magnetohydrodynamics events or detectable changes in Alfvén wave activity. The measured loss rate of energetic alpha particles agreed with the approximately 5% losses expected from alpha particles which are born on unconfined orbits.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3526-3529
Number of pages4
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number22
Publication statusPublished - 1994

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  • Physics and Astronomy(all)

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