Generalized measurable ignition criterion for inertial confinement fusion

Py Chang, R. Betti, B. K. Spears, K. S. Anderson, J. Edwards, M. Fatenejad, J. D. Lindl, R. L. McCrory, R. Nora, D. Shvarts

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A multidimensional measurable criterion for central ignition of inertial-confinement-fusion capsules is derived. The criterion accounts for the effects of implosion nonuniformities and depends on three measurable parameters: the neutron-averaged total areal density (ρRntot), the ion temperature (Tn), and the yield over clean (YOC=ratio of the measured neutron yield to the predicted one-dimensional yield). The YOC measures the implosion uniformity. The criterion can be approximated by χ=(ρRntot)0.8(Tn/4.7)1.7YOCμ>1 (where ρR is in gcm-2, T in keV, and μ0.4-0.5) and can be used to assess the performance of cryogenic implosions on the NIF and OMEGA. Cryogenic implosions on OMEGA have achieved χ∼0.02-0.03.

Original languageEnglish
Article number135002
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number13
Publication statusPublished - 2010 Apr 1

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    Chang, P., Betti, R., Spears, B. K., Anderson, K. S., Edwards, J., Fatenejad, M., Lindl, J. D., McCrory, R. L., Nora, R., & Shvarts, D. (2010). Generalized measurable ignition criterion for inertial confinement fusion. Physical review letters, 104(13), [135002].