Health beliefs of Taiwanese women seeking HPV vaccination

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In Taiwan, human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is recommended for women aged 9-26 years. The purpose of this study was to examine health beliefs and reasons for HPV vaccination among young adult women (aged 18-26 years), and adult women (aged over 26 years). Women who initiated HPV vaccination were recruited from three hospitals in southern Taiwan. One hundred and eighty-nine subjects completed a questionnaire on health beliefs and reasons for HPV vaccinations. 38% (n = 72) of the women who initiated vaccination were over the age of 26. Health beliefs regarding HPV vaccination differ between young adult women and adult women. Recommendations from others (family, health care providers, etc.) are among the main reasons for young adult women to initiate HPV vaccination; while self-awareness of the risk for HPV infection and personal gynecologic diseases are main reasons for adult women to initiate HPV vaccination. Furthermore, women aged 18-26 are more likely than women aged over 26 to consider the cost and availability of vaccination. Media also plays an important role in a woman's decision to seek HPV vaccination.

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