Historical trends and variability of meteorological droughts in Taiwan

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This work investigates historical trends of meteorological drought in Taiwan by means of long-term precipitation records. Information on local climate change over the last century is also presented. Monthly and daily precipitation data for roughly 100 years, collected by 22 weather stations, were used as the study database. Meteorological droughts of different levels of severity are represented by the standardized precipitation index (SPI) at a three-monthly time scale. Additionally, change-point detection is used to identify meteorological drought trends in the SPI series. Results of the analysis indicate that the incidence of meteorological drought has decreased in northeastern Taiwan since around 1960, and increased in central and southern Taiwan. Long-term daily precipitation series show an increasing trend for dry days all over Taiwan. Finally, frequency analysis was performed to obtain further information on trends of return periods of drought characteristics.

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JournalHydrological Sciences Journal
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Publication statusPublished - 2009 Sep 14


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