How to build design strategy for attractiveness of new products (DSANP)

Min Yuan Ma, Yi Chen Chen, Shyue Ran Li

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Emotional response can stimulate customers to choose specific items of their preference among similar products and has considerable affection in purchase decision. Therefore, more and more companies are willing to invest resources in exploring the relationship between users' emotional preference and the new products. They intend to evaluate and extract consumers' abstract emotional preference. Miryoku Engineering is a part of Kansei Engineering and is the knowledge to extract the consumers' preference evaluation. In Miryoku Engineering, the technique of Evaluation Grid Method (EGM) can be used to evaluate consumers' preference or cognition to products or service, to find attractiveness of new products from the consumers' point of view, and to construct preference structure of consumers systematically. We selected 3C products as representatives. Through structural in-depth interview method, we extracted customers' preference and evaluation to new products. After all of the evaluation items were divided into the two parts, cognition (156 evaluation items) and emotion (628 evaluation items), we utilized EGM to compile a hierarchic structure of the interviewee's evaluations to new products for establishing the statement of reasons that can attract consumers to buy new products. Next, all of the statements were arranged carefully and were developed into 23 Design Strategy for Attractiveness of New Products (DSANP). Through verifying DSANP, we found DSANP had high reliability and validity. This means that this set extracting the attraction of products and developing design process is effective.

Original languageEnglish
JournalAdvances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2011 Dec

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