Intelligent agent's technology characteristics applied to online auctions' task: A combined model of TTF and TAM

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This study investigates the employment of intelligent agents in a web-based auction process, from the appropriate perspectives of the intelligent agent software, the consumer perception of its value, and the effect of this consumer perception on the intention to use information technology. The investigation established that consumer familiarity with the intelligent agent's technology characteristics were positively associated with six dimensions: technology characteristics, task characteristics, task-technology fit, technology acceptance, perceived intention to use information technology, and negatively associated with perceived risk. From the analysis of responses to a web-based survey of online auction users, a consumer's assessment of the importance of different attributes of agent technology depends on his/her view of the online auction task. Consumers primarily concerned with price negotiation considered learning ability and continuity to be the most important technology attributes, while for those concerned with item acquisition, goal-oriented and adaptive behaviors were considered the most important. The development of task-technology fit should seek to reassure users by minimizing risk, with mechanisms such as enhanced user reputation evaluation and secure payment systems.

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