Intelligent Factory Automation (iFA) System Platform

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In the Industry 4.0 era, a smart factory can adopt Internet of Things as its data collection and communication platform. This chapter describes the functions of Automatic Virtual Metrology (AVM), Intelligent Predictive Maintenance (IPM), and Intelligent Yield Management (IYM). The Baseline-Predictive-Maintenance scheme is the core module in the IPM server. The Target Device baseline model generated by the virtual-metrology technique is applied to serve as the reference for detecting degradation of tool health. The novel Intelligent Factory Automation (iFA) system platform is realized by integrating technologies such as Advanced Manufacturing Cloud of Things framework with Cyber-Physical Agents, AVM, IPM, and IYM, so as to provide the total-solution package for implementing intelligent manufacturing. There are two options of the iFA system platform for the customers to choose from: “cloud-based version” and “server-based version” are provided according to different customer requirements.

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