interferometer and spatial interference fourier transform spectrometer

Fong-chin Su (Inventor), Chih-Han Chang (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Disclosed is an interferometer comprising a light source, a reflective element, and a photodetector. The light source is configured to emit a light beam, and an angle is formed by inclusion between a direction to which the light beam travels and the reflective element, the photodetector is configured to be substantially perpendicular to the reflective element. The light beam is halved into a first light beam propagating by the included angle, and a second light beam reflected off the reflective element, the first light beam and the second light beam interfere each other to form an interferogram on the photodetector, which detects the interferogram.
Translated title of the contributioninterferometer and spatial interference fourier transform spectrometer
Original languageEnglish
Patent number8830475
Publication statusPublished - 1800


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