Kinetic analysis of the thumb in jar-opening activity among female adults

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Jar opening is commonly viewed as a challenging task for female adults in daily living. The thumb plays a particular role in grasping the jar lid and leading the turning activity through opposition to the other digits. This study measured and compared the force, torque and torque contribution of the thumb in the activity under ordinary grasp patterns and jar-holding positions. A steel jar-like cylinder was custom made to measure the force and torque generated simultaneously by thumb and wrist. Sixteen young females without a history of hand injury were recruited as subjects. The force and torque of the thumb were found to be influenced significantly only by the grasp pattern but its torque contribution was significantly affected only by the jar-holding position. However, overall torque was influenced by both the grasp pattern and the jar-holding position. The torque contribution of the thumb under the four different grasp patterns and jar-holding positions was found to range from 17.4% to 23.9%. The contribution ratios suggest that the thumb may offer a force equivalent to the other digits rather than just a counter force in this activity.

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