Limonoids from Turraea floribunda

Baldwyn Torto, Michael D. Bentley, Barbara J.W. Cole, Ahmed Hassanali, Fu Yung Huang, Leslie Gelbaum, Donald G. Vanderveer

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Extracts of the root bark of Turraea floribunda have yielded four new limonoids of the havanensin class: 28-nor-4α-carbomethoxy-11β-acetoxy-12α-(2-methylbutanoyloxy)-14,15-deoxyhavanensin-1,7-diacetate; 28-nor-4α-carbomethoxy-11β-hydroxy-12α-(2-methylbutanoyloxy)-14,15-deoxyhavanensin-1,7-diacetate; 18-nor-4α-carbomethoxy-11β-acetoxy-12α-(2-methylbutanoyloxy)-14,15-deoxyhavanensin-1-acetate; and 28-nor-4α-carbomethoxy-7-deoxy-7-oxo-11β-acetoxy-12α-(2-methylbutanoyloxy)-14,15-deoxyhavanensin-1-acetate. The structures were determined by spectroscopic methods. The structure for the first of these compounds was also confirmed by X-ray diffraction methods.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)239-243
Number of pages5
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1995 Sep


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Torto, B., Bentley, M. D., Cole, B. J. W., Hassanali, A., Huang, F. Y., Gelbaum, L., & Vanderveer, D. G. (1995). Limonoids from Turraea floribunda. Phytochemistry, 40(1), 239-243.