Macroscopic quantum phenomena from the correlation, coupling and criticality perspectives

C. H. Chou, B. L. Hu, Y. Subaşi

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In this sequel paper we explore how macroscopic quantum phenomena can be measured or understood from the behavior of quantum correlations which exist in a quantum system of many particles or components and how the interaction strengths change with energy or scale, under ordinary situations and when the system is near its critical point. We use the nPI (master) effective action related to the Boltzmann-BBGKY / Schwinger-Dyson hierarchy of equations as a tool for systemizing the contributions of higher order correlation functions to the dynamics of lower order correlation functions. Together with the large N expansion discussed in our first paper [1] we explore 1) the conditions whereby an H-theorem is obtained, which can be viewed as a signifier of the emergence of macroscopic behavior in the system. We give two more examples from past work: 2) the nonequilibrium dynamics of N atoms in an optical lattice under the large (field components), 2PI and second order perturbative expansions, illustrating how N and enter in these three aspects of quantum correlations, coherence and coupling strength. 3) the behavior of an interacting quantum system near its critical point, the effects of quantum and thermal fluctuations and the conditions under which the system manifests infrared dimensional reduction. We also discuss how the effective field theory concept bears on macroscopic quantum phenomena: the running of the coupling parameters with energy or scale imparts a dynamical-dependent and an interaction-sensitive definition of 'macroscopia'.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012003
JournalJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Event7th Biennial Conference on Classical and Quantum Relativistic Dynamics of Particles and Fields, IARD 2010 - Hualien, Taiwan
Duration: 2010 May 302010 Jun 1

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