Online sex-seeking, substance use, and risky behaviors in taiwan: Results from the 2010 Asia internet MSM sex survey

Nai Ying Ko, Stuart Koe, Hsin Chun Lee, Cheng Fang Yen, Wen Chien Ko, Su Ting Hsu

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We conducted an online behavioral survey to estimate the prevalence of online sex-seeking and substance use behaviors and tocompare risky behaviors amongmenusing different venues to seek sexwithmen.Across-sectional online survey, the Asia InternetMSM Sex Survey, was conducted online from January 1 to February 28, 2010. Of the 1,645 participants enrolled from Taiwan, 72.4% reported the Internet as the main wayof seeking sexual partners, 73.9% had had sex with partners foundonline, and16%hadused recreationaldrugs in theprevious 6months.There was no evidence to suggest thatmenwho looked for sex through the Internet were more likely to engage in unprotected anal intercourse with their casual partners than those using other gay venues.Having had online sex partners in the previous 6monthswas significantly associated with being young [adjusted odd ratio (AOR)=0.97, 95% CI: 0.95-0.99], having had no steady partners in the previous year (AOR=0.24, 95%CI: 0.15- 0.39), havinghadmore thanfivepartners in theprevious6months (AOR=4.57, 95% CI: 2.95-7.11), having used recreational drugs in the previous 6months (AOR=2.24, 95% CI: 1.30- 3.87), and having had an STI in the previous 6months (AOR= 4.24, 95%CI: 1.59-11.30). In conclusion, because the Internet is a popular meeting place for MSM in Taiwan, effective and targeted prevention programs should be developed to minimize the HIV transmission risk in the Internet era.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1273-1282
Number of pages10
JournalArchives of Sexual Behavior
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2012 Oct

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