Physics basis for the advanced tokamak fusion power plant, ARIES-AT

S. C. Jardin, C. E. Kessel, T. K. Mau, R. L. Miller, F. Najmabadi, V. S. Chan, M. S. Chu, R. Lahaye, L. L. Lao, T. W. Petrie, P. Politzer, H. E. St. John, P. Snyder, G. M. Staebler, A. D. Turnbull, W. P. West

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The advanced tokamak is considered as the basis for a fusion power plant. The ARIES-AT design has an aspect ratio of A≡R/a=4.0, an elongation and triangularity of κ=2.20,δ=0.90 (evaluated at the separatrix surface), a toroidal beta of β=9.1% (normalized to the vacuum toroidal field at the plasma center), which corresponds to a normalized beta of βN≡100×β/(IP(MA)/a(m)B(T))=5.4. These beta values are chosen to be 10% below the ideal MHD stability limit. The bootstrap-current fraction is fBS≡IBS/IP=0.91. This leads to a design with total plasma current IP=12.8 MA, and toroidal field of 11.1 T (at the coil edge) and 5.8 T (at the plasma center). The major and minor radii are 5.2 and 1.3 m. The effects of H-mode edge gradients and the stability of this configuration to non-ideal modes is analyzed. The current drive system consists of ICRF/FW for on-axis current drive and a Lower Hybrid system for off-axis. Transport projections are presented using the drift-wave based GLF23 model. The approach to power and particle exhaust using both plasma core and scrape-off-layer radiation is presented.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)25-62
Number of pages38
JournalFusion Engineering and Design
Issue number1-4
Publication statusPublished - 2006 Jan 1

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    Jardin, S. C., Kessel, C. E., Mau, T. K., Miller, R. L., Najmabadi, F., Chan, V. S., Chu, M. S., Lahaye, R., Lao, L. L., Petrie, T. W., Politzer, P., St. John, H. E., Snyder, P., Staebler, G. M., Turnbull, A. D., & West, W. P. (2006). Physics basis for the advanced tokamak fusion power plant, ARIES-AT. Fusion Engineering and Design, 80(1-4), 25-62.