Piezoresistive effects enhanced the photocatalytic properties of Cu 2 O/CuO nanorods

Hao Wen Wu, Siang Yun Lee, Wen Chung Lu, Kao Shuo Chang

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This paper presents a novel approach using the piezoresistive effect of Cu 2 O/CuO nanorods to achieve synergistic photocatalysis. A two-step hydrothermal approach was implemented to fabricate various ratios of Cu 2 O/CuO nanorods by using N 2 purging. The sample comprising 80 at% of Cu 2 O exhibited superior photocatalysis, which was further enhanced by approximately 15% by the piezoresistive effect. This was attributed to the band gap modulation of the Cu 2 O/CuO nanorods under applied stresses. The sample also demonstrated excellent stability in a photoelectrochemical cell.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)236-241
Number of pages6
JournalApplied Surface Science
Publication statusPublished - 2015 Jul 30

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