Plasma Asp 13-Ki-ras oncoprotein expression in vinyl chloride monomer workers in Taiwan

Jiin Chyuan John Luo, Hsien Ta Liu, Tsun Jen Cheng, Chung Li Du, Jung Der Wang

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Vinyl chloride (VC) workers are known to be at risk for development of liver angiosarcoma, a rare tumor. Previously, more than 80% of VC workers with liver angiosarcoma have been found to have an Asp-13 c-Ki-ras oncogene mutation, and more than 50% of VC-exposed workers without liver tumors were found to have Asp13-Ki-ras oncoprotein in their plasma. Some workers in Taiwan had also been exposed to VC, and some have contracted liver tumors. In this study, we used enhanced chemiluminescence Western blotting to detect Asp13-p21-Ki-ras in the sera of VC-exposed workers in Taiwan. There were 14 of 113 (12.4%) VC workers positive for the Asp13-Ki-ras oncoprotein in plasma, but 0 of 18 controls were positive. There were 10 of 69 (14.5%) plasma-positives among the more highly exposed (> 1000 ppm-months) workers and 4 of 48 (9.1%) plasma-positives among the lesser exposed (≤1000 ppm- months). Compared with the unexposed controls, the odds ratios (and 95% confidence intervals [CI]) for plasma-positivity were 4.11 (95% CI = 0.21, 80.4) in the lower-exposed workers and 6.53 (95% CI = 0.37, 116. 9) in the higher-exposed workers, and there was a linear trend between exposure and plasma-positivity (P = 0.073). After adjusting for age and drinking status, the odds ratios (and 95% CIs) were 1.64 (95% CI = 0.17, 15.8), and 2.65 (95% CI = 0.42, 16.8), respectively, and there was a significant linear trend between exposure and plasma-positivity (P = 0.048). In summary, Asp13-Ki-ras oncoprotein can be found in the plasma of VC workers in Taiwan, and a significant dose-response relationship exists between plasma oncoprotein expression and VC exposure.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1053-1058
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 1998 Dec

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  • Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health


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