Plate Bending Analysis

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In Chaps. 4 – 12 the deformation of the anisotropic elastic plates is considered to be two-dimensional. If the plate will bend after the action of external force, the bending theory of anisotropic elastic plates described in Sect. 2.2 should be considered. In this theory, the plate is composed of the anisotropic elastic materials having one plane of elastic symmetry parallel to the middle plane and the plate thickness is small relative to the other dimensions. Based upon the theory of plate bending, the Stroh-like bending formalism was developed and introduced in Sect. 2.2.2. With the Stroh-like bending formalism, some analytical solutions and their associated computer codes for the anisotropic elastic plates with holes/cracks/inclusions subjected to out-of-plane bending moments are presented in this chapter.

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